Entrepreneurship and new solutions

Helsinki Think Company is a platform and cooperation space for academic entrepreneurship. The entrepreneur community has locations on the City Centre Campus and in Viikki, and new facilities will open in Meilahti in autumn 2015 and in Kumpula in 2016. The idea is that academic competence can also be harnessed to solve global problems through entrepreneurship. As the heart of the University’s entrepreneur community, the cooperation venues invite students, researchers, entrepreneurs and alumni to network and develop their ideas into businesses. Helsinki Think Company offers a range of project-based courses and cooperation, read more and join us at www.thinkcompany.fi.

Nearly all Helsinki Think Company events are open to the public. The events are an easy and effective way to meet interesting students, researchers and University-based start-ups. You are welcome to join Think Company events to tell your own story and to share your expertise on different stages of the business life-cycle. Events calendar >>


Fledgling entrepreneurs need advice on setting up a business and the different stages of its life-cycle. Business know-how, marketing and communications, financial administration, research and development, funding applications and scalable business are but a few examples of what mentoring can entail. You can also mentor a business in a particular sector or field and share the experience you have gained along the way. You can sign up for the mentor network by completing the online form >>

Project courses combine theory with practice, provide an opportunity for communal learning, offer tools for understanding your own skills and help students analyse their relationship with the professional world. 

Partners can bring practical problems to project courses for multidisciplinary student teams to solve. The partners can be companies, organisations or public institutions, and the courses seek concrete solutions that can be directly used by the partners in question. The intention is to solve concrete issues through cooperation between students and partners.

Previous courses, including Kestävyyttä käytäntöön and Tieteestä toimintaa as well as Safari bootcamps for upper-secondary school students, have focused on issues such as housing, sustainable development, climate issues and changes in the labour union movement. 

The project course model will be further developed, and in future, partners will also be able to bring problems to student teams to solve directly through Helsinki Think Company’s “mini challenge” concept. More information can be requested from Planning Officer Eric Carver >>

Host teams run the daily activities of Helsinki Think Company on Vuorikatu and in Viikki. At least one host team member is always present at the Think Company location and can help you find answers to all your questions on academic entrepreneurship. Meet our host team >>