Detailed instructions for obtaining a transcript – exchange and visiting students

The transcript at the University of Helsinki includes all the courses / study units that you have passed at UH. Please note that courses for which you have enrolled, but have not passed, will not be shown on the transcript. It is also not possible to delete courses which you have passed from the transcript.

Please note that the transcript is not automatically sent to you or your home university. You are responsible for collecting your transcript before you leave. You can get one transcript free of charge. For additional transcripts you need to pay a fee.

Once all of your credits have been registered in WebOodi, you can go to the Student Services to get your transcript. Please choose the service point according to the faculty you are enrolled at.

You can get one copy of the transcript per semester free of charge. Your credits will remain in the student register of the University of Helsinki in case you need a transcript later on.

If you need more than one copy (for instance for yourself and your home university), it is advisable to pay for the extra copies before you leave Finland. Make the payment in advance at Unicafe and bring the receipt to the Student Services or attach it to the online form. When all your credits are registered in Weboodi, visit the Student Services or fill out the online form for ordering transcripts.

If all of your credits have not been registered before you leave Finland, you should order a transcript after you have returned home. You can check your transcript through WebOodi. Your UH username usually works until the end of January/September. Once all your courses are registered in WebOodi, please send an email to one of the student service points, stating
-your name
-your student number
- your mail address, i.e. your postal address
- the language in which you want the transcript (Finnish/Swedish/English).
- If for some reason you are not able to check WebOodi yourself, then you should include as an attachment or in the comment section on the online form a list of all the courses that should be registered on the transcript.

After finishing your exchange at UH, you can still get one copy free of charge during the semester that directly follows your exchange period, i.e. you spent the Autumn Semester as an exchange student at UH, you can order one free copy of your transcript by the end of Spring Semester.

Your credits will remain in the student register of the University of Helsinki in case you need a transcript later on. Information on how to obtain a transcript and the fees are available on the Order a transcript page.

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