LingDig welcomes you
Are you wondering when is the orientation or what are the teaching periods? Here we have gathered useful links and information about tutoring and other things that can be helpful to you when you are preparing for your studies here in Helsinki.
Greetings from the programme’s director 

The staff and students warmly welcome you to the Master's Programme in Linguistic Diversity and Digital Humanities! We are excited to meet you and see where this programme will take you. You are arriving from all around the world, and we find that delightful! Our programme is a nice mixture of international and Finnish students so you will surely make friends here.  
In our programme you will grow into a colleague of us teachers and that is the way you will be treated: an equal. You are welcome to call the teachers by their first name - they might even find it odd if you don’t! You will also have a bunch of student-colleagues with you right from the start, so you’ll have a strong network in no time. Our tutors will help you have a soft landing in Helsinki and at the university, and I can assure you that soon you’ll see that Helsinki feels like home.   
The Faculty of Arts is at the very center, the heart, of Helsinki. The main building of the university is next to the Helsinki Cathedral and opposite of the Government Palace of Finland. You will find Unisport, the biggest gym in the city center, several Unicafes and the beating heart of student life within walking distance of the lecture halls.   
Welcome to beautiful and cozy Helsinki and to one of the top 1% universities in the world! And welcome to our easy-going LingDig community!  
Best regards,  
Mathias Creutz, Programme's Director  

Preparing for your studies 

During the autumn semester there is only one mandatory course for students in all study tracks: Approaches to Linguistic Diversity and Digital Humanities. On this course, you will work together with all first-year students of the programme and you will also create your personal study plan (HOPS) with the responsible teacher. As for the other courses and elective studies, you have a lot of freedom to choose courses from your own study track as well as from the other LingDig study tracks. Remember to check the prerequisites of each course you would like to take from Sisu. Sisu is the online platform where you will register for courses and create your own study plan. This online tool will be introduced to you during orientation week. 

Studies page: all you'll need  
Orientation and tutoring 
Approaches to Linguistic Diversity and Digital Humanities course page  

On the structure and scope of the degree programme page, you can find specific information on how the programme is built and what studies you can include in it. Remember to select Master's programme in Linguistic Diversity and Digital Humanities in the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

The last section, structure of your degree programme, shows how the degree is structured according to all five study tracks. Remember to select the latest academic year to have the most up-to-date information.  

Orientation and tutoring 

The Academic Year and Teaching Periods. Traditionally, the orientation week takes place during the last week of August and teaching starts the following Monday. You will have a tutor that will guide you in Helsinki in the first weeks.

Get acquainted with the students 

Check out testimonials from our students!

If you have questions on your upcoming studies at the University or about student life in Helsinki, you can chat with the University of Helsinki students here. You can also read the blogs written by the students.

Contacts and useful links
  • Studies page is one of the most important pages for you as a student. There you can find current topics, instructions, courses and details on your own studies. 
  • Admission Services can help you with questions about your studies and application. Check also their FAQ-section for more information. If you have questions related to the admissions process, entry requirements, scholarships or application enclosures, please contact the Admission Services for guidance and support. To keep updated with the latest admission information and dates for the international degree programmes at the University of Helsinki, subscribe to the Admissions Newsletter
  • Career Services provide career counselling and guidance on traineeships. They also organize job-seeking events.  
  • Student Services help you with general questions, for example about enrollment and student benefits. 
  • Helpdesk supports you with IT related problems such as “I forgot my username” or “How to get Eduroam for Android?” 
  • Flamma is an online noticeboard where you will find information and news about the university. You need to log in with your university account to use it. 
  • Here you have detailed instructions on accepting your offer of admission
  • Get to know the Faculty of Arts, the home of the programme. 

Student organizations organize many events for students. They are an excellent place to meet new people outside of your own field: 

  • Student Union of the University of Helsinki (HYY) advocates for better student life and supervises the interests of students in the Finnish society. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook for important news and events. 
  • Orbis ry is a student organization for international students in the Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Theology. You can find them on Instagram and Facebook.  
  • ESN Student Network University of Helsinki is a great place to find other students with an international mindset. You don’t have to be an exchange student to participate in their events. You can find them on Instagram and Facebook. 
  • Humanisticum is the faculty organization for the students of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Helsinki. They organize a variety of get togethers from parties to career events. They also supervise the interests of the Faculty’s students at the university. You can find them on Instagram and Facebook. 
  • Aspekti is the student organization for linguistics students. Everybody is welcome to join the events regardless of the major. You can find them on Instagram and Facebook. 
  • Intelligenzia is the student organization for cognitive science. Everybody is welcome to join the events regardless of the major. You can find them on Instagram and Facebook.