Thesis Festival 2022

On the 24th May, Global Politics and Communication Programme Director, S.M Amadae hosted the inaugural GPC Festival to celebrate the work of GPC students.
Global Politics and Communication Thesis Festival 2022

The idea for a Thesis Festival came in the fall of 2021 in conversations with Global Politics and Communication Alumni Stinne Vognaes. During these discussions, a central topic was the importance of the thesis experience for student development, specifically with respect to the opportunity to undertake first-hand world class research with faculty guidance.

After the idea for the thesis festival was developed, regular workshops were held throughout the fall and spring every 3-4 weeks for students to drop in and receive thesis support and group mentoring. These meetings were run by programme director, S.M Amadae, where in discussions of participant's topics were held and mutual support was provided.

The inaugural Thesis Festival event, which was held on 24th May 2022, aimed to give students who had recently completed their GPC Theses an opportunity to showcase their research. The motivation behind the festival was that it would provide an insight into the GPC programme, the diverse variety of projects students have taken on, and the extensive range of topics covered by the three different tracks the programme offers.

Additionally, the Thesis Festival was able to emphasize the crucial student voice of accomplishment and the significance of contributing to the development of a new generation of twenty-first century professionals and leaders. The event also provided an opportunity to share this success with the public, alumni, current students, and potential future students.

The Thesis Festival event showcased students' research in the context of a celebration of achievement. The event was held on the main stage of the Think Corner, where Deputy CEO of the Martti Ahtisaaru Peace foundation, Hanna Klinge gave the keynote lecture and Violist, Tal Ritva Theodoros provided music. Nuura Naboulsi provided event logistics and organisational support. 


Hanna Klinge's keynote lecture


Kari Karppinen, University Lecturer, Media and Communication

Adam Oliver Smith, Media and Democracy

Anni Juusola, Media and Democracy


Stinne Vognaes, GPC Alumna

Oskari Mantere, Governance and Organisations


Octavio Bellomo, Global Political Economy

Victoria Ristikangas, Global Political Economy

Heikki Patomäki, Professor, World Politics

Niina Kari, GPC Alumna


Watch the full Event Programme here