Countering Information Warfare: Final GPC Event for 2023-24

GPC welcomes Member of Parliament Jarno Limnéll, Senior Communications Specialist Saara Jantunen-Paju, and Cyber Expert Catharina Candolin for this final academic year event.



From civil society and elections to national defense, publics are challenged by digitally mediated misinformation and disinformation, as well as cyberattacks. By some estimates, people are soft targets of manipulation, and represent a significant risk category on par with direct cyberattacks on weapons systems and defense communications. With new reports of jamming aviation signals in the Baltic region, alongside now-familiar worries of election manipulation with leveraged information campaigns, our keynote speakers explore current concerns and state of the art counter measures. Our esteemed speakers bring their expertise and experiences to the table in this dynamically changing domain of information security threats. Audience participation is welcome with questions and discussion.


Our honored keynote speakers are:

· Jarno Limnéll, Member of Parliament and Professor of Practice, Aalto University

· Saara Jantunen-Paju, Senior Communications Specialist, Finnish Prime Minister’s Office and Doctor of Military Science

· Catharina Candolin, Cyber Expert, OP Financial Group and Board Member of SSH Communications Security Oyj


Our event sponsors are:

· Global Politics and Communication

· Faculty of Social Sciences

· United States Embassy in Finland


This event, which will be held on 15 May at 1:00 - 2:30 PM in the Fönster Room of Think Corner, concludes the academic year for the Global Politics and Communication (GPC) Programme and coincides with the Women in Global Security student exchange programme between the University of Helsinki and the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill (UNC-CH). Working with our counterpart Global Affairs at UNC-CH, the GPC Programme was jointly awarded a US Embassy in Finland grant to implement this student exchange which seeks to facilitate women’s contributions to the field of security. This event is oragnized and moderated by GPC Programme Director SM Amadae.