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Meet students and graduates of the Master's Programme in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEB) and learn what they think about their studies and life in Helsinki.
”I feel comfortable at the University of Helsinki”

Gabriele Retez, now a graduate of the programme, especially valued the multidisciplinary approach and practical methods.

“I take courses from other faculties than the Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences as well, such as the Faculty of Science. It is an amazing opportunity, for instance, to learn more about statistics and geographical information systems.”

The lack of hierarchy was a positive surprise. Retez appreciated how teachers treated students as colleagues and how through their connections, students got to network and form friendships with experts from all over the world.

“I feel comfortable at the University of Helsinki. The skills learned here will benefit me for the rest of my life.”

5 reasons to choose the EEB programme

Aina often gets the question why she decided to switch the sunny Spain to Finland. In the student blog, she explains her reasons for choosing the Master’s Programme in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Helsinki. 

The top 5 reasons are: 

  1. Top University with top researchers in the field of Ecology and Conservation
  2. Flexibility to choose from a wide range of courses
  3. International environment
  4. Student support
  5. Finnish nature
I love the offer of internships and field courses both in Finland and Africa. The best way to learn is to get practical experience.
How our students describe their studies

Watch the videos to find out more about the learning opportunities offered by the Master's Programme in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.

In this video, Cindy Schwenk talks about her Master’s thesis which is about the importance of the carving-site fidelity for large-scale reintroductions of the wild forest reindeer in Finland.

"I have a great team of researchers and very knowledgeable people helping me on my journey."

In this video, Emmi Tuokko explains why she is happy that she chose the EEB programme. She also talks about choosing the topic of her Master's thesis based on two facts: she was interested in arctic areas and wanted to collect the data herself. 

"I hope everyone coming to the University of Helsinki gets the opportunity to do as cool and interesting things as I have."

In this video, Carla Coll Costa talks about conducting her Master's thesis on an evolutionary biology topic. She studied the patterns of parallel evolution in a model organism in natural systems, the three-spined stickleback.

"My stay at the University of Helsinki and my Master's thesis have been great learning opportunities to expand my knowledge."

UH student experiences from other fields

The University of Helsinki offers multidisciplinary study options across 11 faculties. Studying and cooperation across the fields are highly encouraged.

Would you like to know what students from other degree programmes and academic disciplines think about their studies and life in Helsinki?

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As a student in the EEB programme, you benefit from the expertise of numerous inspiring scholars with solid teaching experience and broad researcher credentials.