Programme Structure
Structure of the Studies

Structure of the Studies

You undertake modules producing a total of 120 credits (ECTS) according to your personal study plan. The degree consists of:

90 credits of advanced studies, including a research project (Master’s thesis, 30 credits):

  • Ecology, 5 credits
  • Evolutionary biology, 10 credits
  • Statistical methods in ecology, 5 credits
  • Master’s degree seminar, 5 credits
  • Master’s thesis course, 5 credits
  • Master’s thesis, 30 credits
  • 30 credits of alternative other studies chosen from the Programme

30 credits of optional other studies chosen from the Programme or from other Programmes

Career planning or extracurricular activities can be included in your personal study plan.

If you are studying to qualify as a biology teacher, you will need 60 credits of pedagogical studies and 60 credits of ecology and evolutionary biology in your degree. This applies only to Finnish or Swedish speaking students.


Master’s Thesis

All students undertake a master's thesis, the extent of which is 30 credits. In your thesis, you will demonstrate your mastery of scientific thinking, your familiarity with the scientific background of your thesis and the relevant research methods, and your ability to report the results. Your thesis can be done individually or as a member of a research project in which you have a clear and independent role. You must, however, write your thesis independently.

In general, you will collect the data in the field or in the laboratory, analyse them, evaluate the results critically in the light of the scientific literature, and present your conclusions in writing.

Your Master's thesis can be done in one of the the research groups of the department.