Welcome to Study Computer Science
The Master’s Programme in Computer Science (CS) invites our newly admitted students starting their studies in autumn 2024 to take a moment to explore this page and get to know us better. Our students, staff and faculty are eager to welcome you!

The admission results (application round from 1 Dec 2022 to 4 Jan 2023) have been sent to the applicants to the e-mail address given on their application form. The results can also be found by logging into your My Studyinfo -service.

Greetings from the programme

Congratulations on being admitted to the CS Master's Programme! Some 110 students start the programme each academic year, with around 75 continuing from the local Bachelor’s programmes and around 35 coming from the international call. We are one of the most popular Master's programmes at the University of Helsinki, which also means our admission criteria are set relatively high.

Our curriculum is focused on the strong local research areas with a rich variety of courses, seminars, and projects on the latest topics in algorithms, artificial intelligence, networks, and software. You can create your own study path combining flexibly your favourite topics. Our aim is that each student gains unique expertise to shape their future career, whether in academia, industry, or elsewhere.

I welcome you to the programme and hope to see you in Helsinki in August!

Mikko Koivisto, Director of CS Master’s Programme

Studying Computer Science

The first autumn of your studies consist of “core” courses, which give the required background to continue with more specialized courses. There is already some flexibility in the choice of these core courses, so prepare to make a personal study plan in early September. We will provide guidelines and templates for this planning.  

You can find the CS degree structure in the Instructions for Students. Remember to ensure that the correct programme is selected in the dropdown menu to access the correct information.

Do you wonder what it is like to study CS at the University of Helsinki? How is student life or housing in the City of Helsinki? Get answers to your questions by chatting with CS students Sini. You can also chat with other University of Helsinki students to ask questions or read their blog posts to get an overview of student life in Helsinki.

Preparing for your studies

We have designed an online course that is suitable to be taken already during the summer before your studies start: Data Analysis with Python.

The course gives a practical introduction to selected data analysis topics that will then be covered in more depth in the advanced CS courses. You can conduct the majority of the course assignments before obtaining your study right so that there will not be much left to finalise of the course in early September.

Orientation and tutoring

The teaching for the academic year 2023–2024 officially starts on 4 Sept 2023, but you should take part in the orientation activities for the new students that take place the week before (starting as of 29 August).

You will be assigned to a tutor group led by a senior student, or student tutor. During the orientation, you will learn more about studying in our programme, get support with administrative matters and visit the university campuses and facilities. This will make it easier for you to start your studies and life in Helsinki.

The detailed information and schedule concerning your orientation and tutoring will be published in the Instructions for students during the summer. Make sure that the CS programme is selected on the dropdown menu to access the correct information.

UNITalent Programme

The international students in the Master's Programme Computer Science (CS) can apply to the UNITalent Programme. It is designed to support international students in building professional networks in Finland and to gain insight into field specific working life. Students take part by attending monthly group meetings with hosting organisation for a period of three months. During the programme, the University Career Services also provides training in career management skills.

Contacts and useful links

If you have questions related to the admissions and accepting your study place, please contact the Admission Services.

If you have questions related to the content of the programme, please contact the programme director by sending email to mikko.koivisto@helsinki.fi.