"How to Study Educational Sciences in Finland" – webinars for Chinese students

The webinar series is jointly organised by the Sino-Finnish Education Research Centre of JoLII, Faculty of Educational Sciences at the University of Helsinki and Pedagogy Finland ry.

The webinar series responds to the growing interest among Chinese students in pursuing degrees in educational sciences in Finland. Three webinars in the series will focus on the following three topics, respectively:

1) How to apply to Master’s and Doctoral degree programmes in Finnish universities?

2) How to adapt to the academic environment in Finland?

3) How to prepare for a future career after graduation?


Schedule of the webinar

17th December 2021

13.00–13.05 Prof. Baocun Liu

Dean of the Institute of International and Comparative Education, Beijing Normal University

Chinese director of Sino-Finnish Education Research Center (JoLii)

Topic: Welcome speech


13.05–13.30 Prof. Minna Huotilainen

Professor of Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Helsinki

Director of the Changing Education programme

Topic: Changing Education Master’s programmes at University of Helsinki


13.30–13.55 PhD Xin Tang

University Researcher & Docent, University of Helsinki

Topic: Educational Sciences PhD program application process and funding sources in Finland


13.55–14.20 PhD Yuzhuo Cai

Senior Lecturer & Docent, University of Tampere

Finnish director of Sino-Finnish Education Research Center (JoLii)

Topic: Doctoral supervisors’ advice for Chinese applicants who are applying for doctoral programs in Finland


14:20-14.45 Mr Hongzhi Sun

Head of the Education Section, Embassy of China in Finland

Topic: Guidance for Chinese Students when applying for China National Scholarships


14.45-15.10 Miss Qiu Yue

Student representative from Changing Education, University of Helsinki

Topic: What does Study Educational Sciences in Finland bring to me?


15.10-15.15 MEd Wendan Qian

Founder of Pedagogy Finland ry

Topic: Introducing Study Educational Sciences in Finland Series & Closing

Schedule of the 2nd webinar of Studying Educational Sciences in Finland

8.4.2022,14-15.30 Finnish time (19-20.30 Beijing time)

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Host: Xin Tang (University Researcher & Docent, University of Helsinki)


14.00–14.05 Ph.D. Yuzhuo Cai

Senior Lecturer & Associate Professor, University of Tampere

Finnish director of Sino-Finnish Education Research Center (JoLii)

Topic: Welcome speech


14.05–14.35 Ph.D. Olli-Pekka Malinen

University Lecturer & Docent, University of Helsinki

Regional Expert of Global Innovation Network for Teaching and Learning (GINTL)

Topic: How can young Chinese scholars do research well in Finnish academic environment from the perspective of Finnish supervisor?


14.35–15.05 Ph.D. Gaoming Zheng

Assistant professor, TongJi University (Shanghai)

Topic: From the perspective of Chinese doctoral students, the adaptation and integration into Finnish academic environment.


15.05–15.30 M.Ed. Wendan Qian

Founder of Pedagogy Finland ry

Topic: The Pedagogical Differences and Adaptation for Master's Study in Finland

Schedule of the webinar

9.6.2022, 14.–16.10 Finnish time (19.–21.10 Beijing time)

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Xin Tang (University Researcher & Docent, University of Helsinki)

Wendan Qian (Founder of Pedagogy Finland ry)


14.00–14.05 Karen Ahtiainen

International House Tampere

Topic: Welcome speech


14.05–14.35 Yulia Shumilova

Tampere University 

Topic: Employment situation of International graduates in Finland (In English)


14.35–15.05 Meng Tian

University of Birmingham (Ph.D. from University of Jyväskylä)

Topic: How employment policies, academic culture and living environment affect my study and work in education? (In Chinese)


15.05–15.35 Yan Wang

Beijing Normal University (Ph.D. from University of Helsinki)

Topic: Pros and cons of studying for a Ph.D. in education in Finland (In Chinese)


15.35–16.05 Jian Cao

Jamk University of Applied Sciences (MA from University of Jyväskylä)

Topic: Career paths for master's students and Finnish teacher qualification mechanism (In Chinese)


16.05–16.10 Yuzhuo Cai, Tampere University

Topic: Closing speech