Networks boost collaboration

“We wish to present good examples of productive collaboration between scientific research and the business sector,” Rector Jari Niemelä describes the idea behind the Science and Business in Dialogue series.

Concrete examples may encourage new companies and researchers to have a go at cooperation.

“The University and several businesses want to contribute to solving the biggest challenges of our time, including climate change and urbanisation. To achieve the best results, we must tap into the resources of various sectors, but this requires that we reach a better understanding of each other’s working cultures and goals,” muses Niemelä.

Indeed, Science and Business in Dialogue is aiming to foster such dialogue and expansion of networks. The sessions are meant to provide an open forum for brainstorming to promote partnership between businesses and the University.

Cooperation with the business sector supports the social impact and relevance of research and teaching, as well as the utilisation of innovations.