Master Class Process

MasterClass process has 3 steps: challenge, experiment and solve & share. Challenge includes meet & greet, team building, poster clinic and science camp. Experiment includes boot camp, workshop and fieldwork. Solve & share includes solve clinic and pitch.

Master Class is a four-month-long journey that will take its participants from understanding challenges to problem-definition and crafting the solutions. The process builds upon co-creation, experimenting and design-thinking approach. Master Class teams will be supported in their work by the Master Class mentors and other experts at various workshops and clinics. Between events it’s all about teamwork and connecting with experts of your own choice. To create a successful solution you need to challenge yourself and your group and find new ways to work and think. 

Beginning of the journey. Understanding the challenge and getting the big picture. Becoming a member of the Master Class community and building your team.

Challenge is the first part of the Master Class process. The starting point are the challenges our partner organization and the University’s researchers have defined together beforehand. We will bring in front of you a variety of complex issues and concrete challenges to be solved. You will dive deep into these challenges in order to understand them before you start finding novel, multidisciplinary solutions for them. The first step is to enrich your academic understanding of the problem in order to be able to decide how to approach it with your Master Class team.

We encourage you to challenge yourself, other people and a bunch of things regarded as general truths. You can do this by yourself -– or with your team that will be in place right after the kick-off event. Enjoy, interact and bond with the people around you. Master Class is all about learning by doing together.


Learning by Doing: Defining the problem, creating your solution and testing it – in the real world.

This is the path that leads from analysis to ideation, exploration and testing through imagination and reflection. You will move from academic research into the world of design thinking, co-creation and experiments. You have explored your challenge, and now you will define your problem, use your heads and hands to solve it, with a strong focus on the end-user and the impact. You will test your concepts and ideas together with your stakeholders. They will be exposed to other people’s ideas and to the world. You will learn to co-create in an open process. The process will lead you from defined problem to solution 1.0. Experiments and further development will then lead you to solution 2.0.

Letting the whole world know how it will soon be changed by your idea.

This is the last stage of your Master Class journey. The goal is to polish your solution idea into a feasible hands-on format. Make sure you get all the support you need from any possible partners from businesses to public sector as well as to NGOs.

A solution is not a solution before you share it with the world. In Master Class this is done through final pitch. We will coach you on this and improve your communication and presentation skills.