The University of Helsinki's Master Class is a challenge-based program for students, young researchers and professionals. Every Master Class is unique, as the programs are designed in collaboration with a partner organization around a specific theme and challenges. 

Master class is:

  • a challenge-based learning experience for forward-looking minds from academia, business world and society
  • a co-creation platform to generate new ideas, solutions, skills and knowledge
  • an inspiring partnership program to adopt new working tools and innovation approaches and build a vision for the future

Each Master Class is built around one main theme and a number of related challenges. Some 40 participants are selected for the program following an open call, and every participant will choose their challenge. Master Class teams form around the challenges, and start working towards solving their challenge. Master Class program consists of four months of facilitated teamwork - teams gather to clinics, science camp and bootcamp to boost the development of their solution and learn new working methods.

Continuous team work is crucial for team’s success - and working as a team is the most inspiring and demanding part of the process. Master Class program allows great freedom for teams to decide their own schedules and ways to work together. The joint events mark the program milestones, where you can see your and others’ progress. Master Class mentors help and guide the teams through the process. They are an excellent source to find the right people to ease your way towards the solution and building your own community.