Master Class for Partner

University of Helsinki believes and invests in interaction with society. We constantly seek new ways to create new connections and collaboration with different stakeholders. Science and research are an essential tool for renewal and finding solutions to complex problems. Master Class brings students, researchers and business and social actors together in a way that generates new wide-ranging insight, ideas and solutions.

The Master Class partnership is based on the idea of shared value and building sustainable solutions that benefit the whole society. Positive energy, the spirit of getting things done and enthusiasm are the characteristics of Master Class experience to both the organisers and the participants. Partners, students, researchers and young experts have valued highly the opportunity to take part in the program. Master Class is a process throughout everyone participates and everyone learns – to rethink, do and solve.

Each Master Class is designed in close co-operation with the partner organisation. Master Class provides the partner with:  

  • A gateway to cooperation and interaction with students, researchers and other stakeholders relevant to their particular theme
  • An inspiring way to develop working methods and get new tools for innovation
  • A new way to receive input for business development
  • A tool for building a future vision and strategy using multidisciplinary approach and new information
  • A living connection to future experts and their world views
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Could your organisation be the next Master Class partner? Please contact us at the University of Helsinki Community Relations!

“Our responsibility is to put the academic knowledge and the knowhow of our experts in use across all sectors of society. We want to cooperate and open discussion on new way to collaborate. Partnership models such as the Master Class program that encourage different actors to interact and come up with solutions for our shared problems are exactly what is expected from universities and what we want to offer.”

Thomas Wilhelmsson, chancellor, University of Helsinki.

“The goal of the Master Class was to seek solutions for welfare society’s challenges. I think Master Class succeeded in combining thinking from the academic world and business on this important issue. It was amazing how committed and enthusiastic the students were. The aim for LähiTapiola was to highlight the complementary role an insurance company can play in building the welfare society. In addition, we searched and gained new insight for strategy development for both our experts and management. The well-drawn process also enriched the ways we work and do business.”

 Jari Sundström, Managing Director, LähiTapiola General Mutual Insurance Company, Master Class Partner 2013–2016