Master Class for Participant

Master Class opens you a door to our partner organisation’s operations as well as the challenges faced by the company, their problem solving, future vision and research and development activities. You will also get to know their staff – as well as your fellow Master Class participants and a number of other experts and visionnaires working on the same issues. University prepares you for career and life. The goal of Master Class is to give you ideas, skills and tools to find your footing and make the best of both.

Master Class will equip you with problem solving skills and confidence in your own abilities and potential. We believe academic background combined with a hands-on change-maker attitude is the key to solving the wicked problems our planet is facing. The cooperation with science, students and business creates wide-ranging insight, new ideas and solutions.


You will learn by doing. Master Class problem solving process is built upon iteration and experiments, and it can be applied to almost any issue. Also, you will learn from each other. You will be joined by some 40 master’s students and professionals from Outotec and other organizations, and in addition you will be helped by a group of mentors and other experts. We believe that informal bonding, talks and banter are just as important as the “official” events in the Master Class program so be open & active and enjoy the people around you!



Your journey will last approximately 4 months, and we promise that as an active Master Class participant you will:

  1. Gain expertise and a deeper understanding of your own skills and knowledge
  2. Get solid understanding of the theme of the programme
  3. Absorb the model of challenge-based problem solving
  4. Learn to formulate user based solutions to different problems using design thinking tools
  5. Get familiar with experimenting, learn to design and conduct experiments
  6. Access new networks

You will also practise pitching and presenting your ideas. The program is worth three credits.


“We had so much fun with our group and became really good friends. We didn’t win, but that’s okay: the main value wasn’t in the idea but in the people behind it. It was refreshing to step out of my own bubble and discuss with people from completely different backgrounds. The main things I got out of Master Class were a great network and a new way of working. You learn so much more while interacting with others instead of listening to someone speak. Because of these things I wanted to continue as a mentor.”

Kalle Nieminen2013 Master Class participant, mentor


“Master Class was very well planned and executed. I felt for the first time in my life that I actually got something out of teamwork. Especially the brainstorming sessions were efficient and pushed our project forward. Master Class gave me more confidence and skills in for example project management that have helped me in working life. I recently applied for a job in an interesting research project at the university which I wouldn’t have had the guts to apply to before. I got it.”

Venla Toivonen, 2015–16 Master Class participant