Book a venue and organise an event

You can book a venue to suit your event from the University or organise the event together with the University. The events at Think Corner, lectures and seminars as well as events in museums, libraries and the Observatory are examples of jointly organised events. The University’s Communications and Community Relations unit can help you find the right institution to contact. 

The University rents out spaces for companies and academic communities as well as public and non-profit organisations, associations and non-governmental organisations.

Facilities are not rented out for:

  • national day ceremonies
  • political party or religious events
  • commercial events that compete with the University’s activities, such as seminars and training courses subject to a fee. 

The Centre for Properties and Facilities has a web page describing the capacity, equipment and price for each teaching facility. The page lists the contact details for booking each room.

Teaching facilities are typically rented during the opening hours of the building, for periods of time beginning on the hour. Bookings can usually be made only for the ongoing academic term. Bookings for the following academic year are accepted from the preceding June. Rooms in the Main Building and Porthania, however, are unavailable for the day on which the new academic year begins or during the University’s annual celebrations.

The university buildings are closed on Sundays and on public holidays.

In addition to teaching rooms, the University has other facilities, such as the biological stations in Kilpisjärvi and Lammi, as well as the Tvärminne zoological station, Kaisa House library, the Natural History Museum and Botanic Gardens, and the Observatory. Venues in the research stations, libraries and museums are booked through the unit in question. The relevant contact details are available from the website of the unit.     

Please order the refreshments to be served at the event from the restaurant in the building and served in the restaurant itself, a conference room, lobby or equivalent space. Refreshments cannot be served in teaching rooms. Bringing your own food into University venues is not allowed. When booking the venue, you can request the contact details of the restaurants operating in teaching and other facilities. Several Unicafe cafeterias operate on all the University campuses.

You may also arrange exhibitions in appropriate locations either in conjunction with or independently of your event. Appropriate locations include the lobbies of University buildings.  Please confirm the use of the lobbies with the porter of the building. The porter’s contact details can be requested when you book the venue.


The booking may be cancelled up to two weeks before the event. Late cancellations will be charged in full. The same contact details used for booking may be used for cancelling bookings: teaching rooms may be booked or cancelled through the centralised system. Other venues may be booked or cancelled directly through the unit (e.g., Think Corner, libraries).

Teaching rooms may be booked or cancelled either by phone or email

Facility booking
+358 (0) 2941 24500