Learn new skills and expand your knowledge

In addition to studies leading to a degree, the University of Helsinki offers a wide range of education available to all and opportunities for independent learning. By utilising our diverse offerings, you can further your education, advance your professional skills or simply study things of interest to you. Opportunities in lifelong learning are available in the form of massive open online courses, or MOOCs, Open University courses and continuing education, as well as in a number of open science events held at Think Corner and the University's campuses.

The Open University offers the opportunity to seek a new career, develop professional competences, enhance your general knowledge or pursue university studies. The flexible and diverse study methods allow students to study while working. Challenge yourself – the Open University is for you!

The importance of lifelong learning and continuing education continues to grow, as the labor market and its requirements as well as job contents are changing faster and faster. In order to keep up with the pace, it is a great idea to keep your skills and competences up to date.

University of Helsinki Centre for Continuing Education HY+ is an organisation focused on providing research-based, current, and interesting training and development services for both individuals and organisations. We believe that well-being of organisations is built on individuals’ leadership and management, communications, and learning skills. Let us assist you in figuring out your organisation’s training and development needs and how to address them. We can help your organisation to reach the next level of expertise!

You can also expand your professional skills by completing a postgraduate degree. As a leading European university, the University of Helsinki offers a wide range of opportunities to complete a doctoral or Licentiate degree. For doctoral education, the University operates four doctoral schools, which accommodate a total of 32 doctoral programmes. Besides research, a doctoral degree comprises field-specific studies as well as career orientation and guidance.