Employer - boost your visibility at the University

Visibility in the University community means your message can reach up to 100,000 people every year. The University offers a range of visibility options, including sponsored lecture rooms, visibility in the Yliopisto magazine, direct mailing to students that supports your company’s image as an employer, or visibility in conjunction with conferences.

Sponsored lecture rooms

A sponsored lecture room supports the company’s profile as both a research-oriented institution and as a patron of research. The company can select which discipline it wishes to sponsor, and the lecture room will be selected so that it is available mainly to students of that discipline. Corporate support promotes top research in the desired field and top-quality teaching at the University. For the company in question, such patronage generates both general visibility and contacts with University disciplines and students.

A sponsored lecture room means extensive visibility at the University. Your company name can appear on a sign by the door to the room, on other signage in the building, in course catalogues, on the University’s facility websites and on the University’s facility booking system. Companies that sponsor a lecture room will receive up-to-date information on both the activities of the University of Helsinki and the use of the sponsor funding.

Visibility through named lecture rooms is sponsorship which can also make the company more recognised among University students and staff. Sponsorships are considered payment for services, and are subject to the value added tax.

Examples of sponsored lecture rooms include the Suomen Laki Auditorium, the Raisio plc Research Foundation Auditorium and the Walter Auditorium.

More information on sponsored lecture rooms: Donor Relations, lahjoittajasuhteet@helsinki.fi, 029 41 21650

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