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Students who graduate from the University of Helsinki are the top experts and influencers of the future. Boost your company’s attractiveness as an employer by advertising at the University.
Ways to collaborate

Register as an organisational mentor for the HelsinkiUNI International Talent Programme on the 10th of September at latest

HelsinkiUNI International Talent Programme is a mentoring programme where companies and international students get to know each other. The programme helps students build networks in the Finnish labour market and business world. For companies, it is an excellent way to build a positive employer brand among students or try their hand at internationalisation!

The registration for companies and organisation is open until the 10th of September. If you are interested to act as a mentor for our international students

Are you interested in increasing your visibility among University of Helsinki’s students and recent graduates? An employer profile in the JobTeaser job portal can be your 24/7 showcase!

With a JobTeaser profile, you can introduce your organisation, highlight its values and culture and advertise open positions or traineeship opportunities. You can include videos to describe your operations or add links to guide students to your own content.  

Select from two profile types

  • restricted employer profile, including the tabs About us and Jobs. See the Meltwater company profile.     
  • extensive company profile, with the opportunity to market events, publish news and provide more information about your teams in addition to the above. See the JobTeaser company profile.      

Make your organisation interesting as an employer

  • Students want jobs that have meaning. Highlight your mission and corporate culture!
  • Use videos and images to illustrate your texts.    
  • Tell stories and provide examples of how your organisation cares for its employees or is flexible.    
  • Highlight the community and benefits of your organisation. Students are often interested in the ability to work remotely or with flexible hours.  

Your profile doesn’t have to include everything about your organisation, you can also add links to your website.  

An employer profile in the University of Helsinki’s JobTeaser service is free of charge. If you are interested in gaining visibility in several universities and institutions of higher education with the same profile, JobTeaser provides this service for a fee.  

At the University of Helsinki, user numbers for JobTeaser are steadily increasing, with more than 7,000 students or alumni registered at the time of writing (16 March 2021).

Contact Career Services

If you are interested in creating an employer profile, please contact Career Services!

We can survey the needs of your organisation and tell you more about employer profiles.

Every year, the University of Helsinki organises job fairs on its campuses. Campus-specific fairs are particularly good places to connect with students of specific fields.

Social sciences job fair

 The social sciences job fair brings together students, alumni, experts, researchers and employers in the field of social sciences.

Participating in the job fair will give you a comprehensive, up-to-date understanding of the role social science graduates will have in the professional life of the future.

Target group: students of the Faculty of Social Sciences

For the next job fair and more information, visit the website of the Kannunvalajat student organisation.


The VTM fair website.

Potential, Kumpula Campus

Kumpula’s Potential is a job and recruitment fair organised by students at the University of Helsinki’s Faculty of Science. At the time of writing, it has been held three times, in 2017, 2018 and 2019. Kumpula’s Potential has been a success for both the students and corporate exhibitors.

According to feedback from corporate exhibitors, 95% thought the event was at least worth the cost, and one in four thought that the event provided excellent value for money.

Target group: students of natural sciences, mathematics and statistics, and computer science

For the date of the next fair and further information, please see the website of Kumpula’s Potential.

ViikkiAreena, Viikki Campus

ViikkiAreena is a job fair organised by the subject-specific student organisations of the University of Helsinki’s Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry to give students and the University community at large a clearer and broader view of companies’ operations while presenting the latest trends and career opportunities in relevant fields.

For companies, ViikkiAreena is an opportunity to heighten their profile as an attractive employer, meet the professionals of the future and hear about the latest developments in the field at the University.

ViikkiAreena features topical themes and improves students’ career skills as part of their studies.

Target group: students of agriculture and forestry as well as food science

For the date of the next fair and further information, see the website of ViikkiAreena

You can also contact the University of Helsinki’s faculty or subject-specific student organisations directly. Many of these organisations are actively seeking corporate partners, for example, to organise visits for students. The organisations can also provide a direct link to the people who have the most relevant skills for your company. Some organisations require a fee for publishing events or open positions.

Companies may provide funding for their events through sponsorship. This is a common practice for conferences, for example. Sponsoring differs from donating in that it is subject to value-added tax. The sponsor pays a sum to the University for visibility.

As a sponsor, you can have your company featured in the programme booklet of the conference, or have a speaker slot in a suitable session. Sometimes the conference schedule may include an excursion to a sponsor’s production facility or another interesting location.

If you are interested in sponsorship, please contact us!

The JobTeaser service can help you reach the University’s students and recent graduates who are actively seeking opportunities in the job market. See also our other services and benefit from the expertise of our students!