Book a venue
The University of Helsinki can offer the best venue for your event. The University has several facilities on four campuses in Helsinki, ranging from teamwork rooms to a 700-person auditorium.

The facilities of the University’s research stations, located around Finland, can also be booked for University partner events.
Bookable venues in Helsinki
Booking teaching facilities

More than 400 teaching facilities are available for general booking. You can choose among small lecture rooms, convenient seminar rooms and compact auditoriums, or book a large hall accommodating 700 people. 

Information on bookable facilities, pricing, booking and cancellation terms and conditions as well as facility booking contact information is available on the website presenting teaching facilities. 

Other bookable venues

The venues listed below can be booked directly from the unit in question. Contact information can be found on each unit’s website.

Bookable venues elsewhere in Finland

The University has research stations all over Finland. They rent out facilities for seminars, for example.

How to organise an event at the University?

You may book a suitable venue for your event from the University.

You may also collaborate with the University to organise your event. The Think Corner programme, lectures and seminars as well as the programmes provided by museumslibraries and the Observatory are examples of programming and events organised collaboratively.

When needed, the University’s Communications and Community Relations will help you find the right cooperation partner.

Who can rent venues?

Venues are rented out for short-term use by companies, academic communities, public and non-profit corporations as well as associations and NGOs.

Venues will not be rented out for  

  • Celebrating the independence days of various countries 
  • Party-political or religious events 
  • Commercial activities directly in competition with the University, such as fee-based training, seminars or foundation courses.  

Catering and exhibitions 

Catering for the events must be ordered from the restaurant operating in the building in question. Catering is not provided for teaching facilities. The restaurant staff will help the client find a suitable catering location. 

The restaurant operating in the premises has the catering rights to events organised at the University's premises. Bringing your own food into the facilities is also prohibited. 

Exhibitions linked with events can be organised in locations suited for the purpose, for example, building lobbies.  The use of lobbies must always be agreed with the building porter. 

The porters will assist in the practical arrangements of the exhibition. Building-specific porter contact information is available on the pages presenting the various facilities.

Cancelling the booking 

Please check the cancellation terms and conditions on the website of the party renting the venue.

Cancelling bookings must be done through the party that originally received the booking.

Cancellations related to teaching facilities must be done through the centralised facility booking system; cancellations related to other venues must be directed straight to the unit in question.

Physical and digital accessibility  

A good environment does not differentiate between people based on their ability to move and function: it is accessible. Does the facility have stairs, is the building located on a cobblestone street or are the doorways, for example, narrow?

When planning or budgeting for an event, it is recommended that any special needs of participants related to accessibility are taken into account. In an accessible environment everyone is able to function equally irrespective of their personal characteristics related to sight, hearing, movement, age, learning difficulties or any other such factors.

Tips on accessibility: 

  • Should you have any questions related to the accessibility of facilities, please contact Also remember to ask whether the venue is equipped with an induction loop for people with hearing disabilities. 
  • Remember to arrange and budget for possible interpreters for people with hearing disabilities. Further information is available, for example, from Kuuloliitto

Further information on accessibility:  

Digital accessibility issues must also be taken into account: Digital accessibility means that web pages and mobile applications as well as their content are such that they can be used and understood by everyone. (Source: Ministry of Finance: Accessibility, in Finnish only)

Accessibility at the University of Helsinki

Equality, diversity and accessibility efforts at the University