Pre-Conference Poster Session

Participants are first and second year students of the Master’s Degree Programme in Pedagogy and Teaching for Sustainability, which is a multidisciplinary programme focusing on pedagogical approaches to promote sustainability through education.

The programme tackles global and current issues of sustainability and will be considered from the viewpoint of teaching and pedagogy constituting the core of Finnish educational expertise recognized worldwide. The session presents multidisciplinary approaches to sustainability education. Coffee will be served in conjunction with the poster session.

Our poster presenter are:

  • Juliana Friedrichsen - “Climate Change Education Through Gamification: Escape Room as An Educational Tool to Assess Pre-Service Teachers' Reflection and Consensus Decision-Making.” 
  • Fu Lu - "A Quantitative Comparison into Students' Sustainability Consciousness Between Eco-Schools and Ordinary Schools: A Finnish Context " 
  • Xinhua Mu - "Organic Farm Volunteering: Informal learning experiences with prospects of sustainability.”
  • Jannat Rahman - “Workshops On Circular Economy: Role of Informal Education In Promoting Sustainable Lifestyle”