Keynote speakers
Keynote speakers at Sustainability Science Days 2023. More information coming soon!
Andy Stirling

Andy Stirling is Professor of Science and Technology Policy in the Science Policy Research Unit at Sussex University where he co-directed the ESRC STEPS Centre for 16 years. Focusing especially on issues of power, uncertainty and diversity in science and society, he’s sat on UK and EU regulatory bodies on energy policy, toxic substances, GM Crops, science advice and public engagement. Formerly a campaigner and boardmember for Greenpeace, he’s also advised the Royal Society, Nuffield Council and European Science Foundation. A fellow of the UK Academy of Social Sciences, he’s served on the ESRC Research Committee, in the 2021 UK ‘Research Excellence Framework’ and as an IPBES assessment lead author.

Lassi Linnanen

Lassi Linnanen is Professor of Environmental Economics and Management at Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology, Department of Sustainability Science, and a co-chair of the Finnish Expert Panel for Sustainable Development (until the end of 2022, the new panel for 2023-25 is under selection process). He has over 30 years of international experience in solving sustainability challenges in academia, within the start-up business community and in the policy domain. His research covers a wide range of topics, including sustainability transitions of energy and food systems, sustainable innovations, corporate responsibility strategies, life cycle assessment, as well as environmental and energy policy.

Tuuli Kaskinen

Tuuli Kaskinen is a newly appointed CEO of Climate Leadership Coalition. She has developed 1,5 strategies with corporations and has been actively shaping climate policies for 20 years. Prior to CLC Kaskinen worked at think tank Demos Helsinki in several positions, including chief executive. In addition to her duties at CLC, Kaskinen is vice chair of the board at University of Turku and technology construction company Fira.


Tuuli Mattelmäki

Tuuli Mattelmäki is associate professor in Design at Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Finland and acts as the head of Department of Design. She is expert in service design and co-design with a special interest in experimenting with and implementing creative design approaches for supporting change. Tuuli has published articles on empathic design and design’s role and impact in public sector. Her recent work focuses on transformative creative practices that are engaged with positive eco-social change in EU funded project CreaTures (

Ioan Fazey

Ioan Fazey is Professor of the Social Dimensions of Environment and Change and Director of Strategy for the Department of Environment and Geography at the University of York, UK. His research, teaching and action focuses on stewarding transformations to regenerative futures and learning how we can bring about the deep kinds of changes in individuals, organisations and society for better alignment to our rapidly changing world. Ioan has been instrumental internationally in leading and supporting academics, corporations, students and practitioners in developing knowledge and capacities. This includes over 75 research publications in resilience, transformation, change and sustainability and on how our knowledge systems – universities, research institutes, and how we learn in complex environments – can transform to support wider societal change. Ioan supports and facilitates the system change work on a large transdisciplinary action and research project seeking to transform the Yorkshire food system in the UK. He is a co-founder of the Transformations Community and conference series ( and trustee of an action oriented organisation promoting transformative thinking and capacity building for working within a rapidly changing world.