EDUCase Platform: Higher education partnerships as a tool to achieve an equal knowledge base on sustainability transformations between North and South

The aims in the EDUCase sessions are to highlight the higher education partnerships and transdisciplinary actions as a tool to achieve an equal ground for reflection and common knowledge base on sustainability transformations both in North and South. The focus will be on in-depth research questions on achieving structural change in inter-university and inter-cultural knowledge creation.


EDUCase Platform is a pilot initiative of the Finnish Ministry for Education and Culture’s Global Programme 2021-2024. With a network of 11 universities and 15 universities of applied sciences, it represents the majority of higher education institutions (HEIs) in Finland. The network is coordinated by Aalto University.

The platform facilitates joint learning and research activities and aims to scale up collaboration with partner countries in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.

EDUCase Platform focus areas are:

  • Multicultural and multidisciplinary academic cooperation
  • Academic activities that connect to innovation ecosystems for sustainable development
  • North- South higher education partnerships

The network promotes practical case collaborations for education, research, innovation, and entrepreneurship skills development between Finnish and partner country HEIs. Case studies offer a tangible modality of cooperation to address intersecting sustainable development challenges, with stakeholders representing various cultures, institutions, and areas of expertise.

EDUCase network member organizations host academic collaborations, innovation projects, professional development, and capacity-building activities. Projects are implemented independently by member organizations and their regional partners in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.