Biographical Information Towards Sustainable Hydropower – Transdisciplinary Pathways

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Antti Belinskij works as a professor of environmental law at the University of Eastern and Finnish Environment Institute SYKE. He is specialised e.g., in multi-level water law and interested in the role of law in sustainability transformation. He leads the SusHydro project (funded by the Academy of Finland) that covers ecologic, economic, and legal aspects of sustainable hydropower system. Email: antti.belinskij (at)

Henrik Josefsson is a senior lecturer and associate professor at Department of Business Studies in the Uppsala University. His research has focused on various environmental law issues, including hydropower and often in the interface to other research field such as ecology, ecotoxicology, and environmental economics. Email: henrik.josefsson (at)

Suvi-Tuuli Puharinen works as a doctoral researcher at the University of Eastern Finland, Centre for Climate Change, Energy and Environmental Law and UEF//Water. She specialises in EU water and marine environment law. Her research focuses particularly on the regulatory roles and functions of normative water quality objectives in steering sustainability transitions. Email: suvi-tuuli.puharinen (at)

Antti Iho is a senior scientist in Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke). He has analyzed economic incentives to support sustainability transformations. In recent years, he has focused particularly on scientific work of, and practical policy support for hydropower sustainability transformation. Email: antti.iho (at)

Janne Artell is a research manager and senior scientist in Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke), and an adjunct professor in Environmental and Resource Economics at the University of Helsinki. He has specialized in environmental valuation of aquatic environments and recreation using revealed and stated preference methods and spatial analysis. Email: janne.artell (at)

Saija Koljonen works as a senior research scientist at the Finnish Environment Institute (Syke). She is focused on freshwater restoration and mitigation measures for hydropower. She is particularly interested in linking interdisciplinary approaches to sustainable hydropower, stream ecology and river continuity. Email: saija.koljonen (at)

Linda Widdel is a political scientist and PhD candidate at the Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation research and the Technical University Munich. In her dissertation, she compares the trajectories of the small hydropower regime in Finland and Germany. Her previous research focused on the German 'Energiewende', the transition to a carbon-neutral energy system. Email:

Perttu Tamminen works as senior officer at the fisheries section in Southwest Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, Finland. Currently he is coordinating the national NOUSU-programme which aims to strengthen endangered fish species by removing migration barriers and restoring river habitats. Email: perttu.tamminen (at)