#3 Arctic Circumpolar Research Cooperation and the new “iron curtain”

Parallel sessions on Friday 25.11. at 10.30-11.45
Location: Juhlasali, Unioninkatu 33

For the past 30 years, Arctic research cooperation has turned the Arctic in to a space of cross-border collaboration and innovation. After the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the fall of the new “Iron curtain”, possibilities for such cooperation have nearly come to an end, forcing scholars to ask and engage a number of entirely new ethical and political questions, and to  find new ways to conduct research across the region. This roundtable gathers a group of experienced experts and early-career scholars with experience of doing research in Russia, to discuss the present challenges, how to address them, and whether there is anything from the spirit of circumpolar cooperation especially among researchers and residents of the Arctic that can be rescued even in such difficult times. The roundtable is followed by the plenary discussion Arctic World Politics in Time of Crisis which addresses the topic in broader terms.

Aytalina Ivanova (University of Lapland)

Lukas Allemann (University of Lapland)

Karolina Sikora (University of Lapland)

Hiroki Takakura (Tohoku University & Visiting professor at Arctic Centre, University of Lapland)

Chair: Florian Stammler (University of Lapland)