Seminar Program

seminar program

The theme of Nutrition Winter School 2020 is Diet & Microbes: Gut health for the brain and body. The seminar program is designed to cover this topic from different perspectives: from basic science to the latest advances in the field of gut health. 

The final seminar program can be downloaded here: 



In addition to scientific lectures, the seminar program also includes hands-on workshops. During the workshops, the experts first give a brief introduction to the subject matter after which you have the chance to work with your own project under the experts' guidance. Maximum attendance for each workshop is 10. Places will be handed out on first-come-first-served basis so book your place early! You can register for the workshops in the seminar Registration form.

Bioinformatics workshop

Want to learn more about the best practices and tools for handling microbiota data? In this workshop, you'll learn how to design your workflow and get the most out of your data.

Writing workshop

Struggling with a manuscript draft? During this workshop, you'll receive feedback of your writing and learn how to convey your message to the world more effectively.  

Graphics workshop

Dealing with immunofluorescence, histology or other microscope images? Unsure how to start creating a graphical abstract for your manuscript? In this workshop, you'll learn techniques that help you make your science stand out from the crowd.

More information about the workshops will be available closer to the seminar.

Social program

We will also organise evening program for our participants. These social gatherings are a great way to experience Lapland and engage with other seminar participants in an informal setting. These evening programs are included in the registration fee.


Tour de Levi

On your first day at Levi, we have arranged a small walking tour on Levi village. The tour takes you to all the need-to-know places at Levi and offers you an opportunity to get to know other interesting persons attending the seminar.


Lappish Winter Olympic Games

On Tuesday, you will have the opportunity to dazzle us with your skills in our Lappish Winter Olympic Games. These Games are all about having fun outside so “doping” during the Games is not only allowed but also encouraged! The Olympic venue includes a heated hut for warming up between activities.


Trip to Levi Ice Gallery

On Wednesday, we will visit Luvattu Maa which features an Ice Hotel, Ice gallery, and an Ice Bar. During a guided tour in the Ice Gallery, you will see extraordinary artwork made out of snow and ice as well as hear stories about the creation.


Closing dinner at Lappish Restaurant Kammi

On Thursday, we will head out to dinner to a traditional Lappish hut restaurant Kammi. Kammi’s famous reindeer feast serves a full table of Lappish delicacies which are sure to leave none of us hungry.