Organising committee

Nutrition Winter School is organized by the Medical Nutrition Physiology Group of the University of Helsinki, Finland.
  • Professor Riitta Korpela, President
  • Anne Kivimäki, PhD, Secretary general
  • Leena Putkonen, MSc. RD, Coordinator

Should you have any questions about the seminar or require assistance with your registration, please feel free to contact us:

Riitta Korpela

Professor Riitta Korpela chairs the Medical Nutrition Physiology research group at the Department of Pharmacology and is principal investigator in Human Microbiome Research Program, both in the Medical Faculty, University of Helsinki.  

Her main research interest is on intestinal health but also in the effects of diet on vascular responses. Her publication record includes over 300 original scientific articles. She has supervised 24 PhD thesis. Her portfolio includes a number of both national and international positions of trust and a membership in Finnish Academy of Science and Letters.  She has robust experience gained from both experimental and clinical trials. Her group is known of being able to set up joint research projects both with preclinical and clinical scientists.  

Riitta finds the presidency of Nutrition Winter School as one of the most inspiring work assignments and has eternal love for Lapland.

Leena Putkonen

Leena is a science-loving clinician working as a registered dietitian on her own practice and as a science communicator. Her expertise is in gut health, psychological issues and plant-based diets.

Leena is interested widely on topics around food and health, and she has one Master’s in dietetics and another one in Public Health.

Leena was drawn to the Nutrition Winter School in 2017 by a great “all about gut” programme and her love for Lapland. Two years later, she volunteered to help out with the outdoor activities as she had just finished her nature and wilderness guide training. In 2023, Leena is again in charge of the outdoor activities and social programmes with the help of the team. Leena is also the coordinator for Nutrition Winter School.

Anne Kivimäki

Anne is a Doctor of Philosophy (Medicine) who is interested in biomedicine and functional foods. She has a strong background in science in the fields of Medical Nutrition Physiology and Oral- and Maxillofacial Diseases. After her PhD, she worked as a Laboratory Coordinator in the University of Helsinki and is a visiting researcher at University of Helsinki. Today she works as a Regulatory Affairs Expert at Medfiles Ltd. Research and Nutrition Winter School are her inspiring free-time activities.

Berries have a special place in her heart. She did her PhD about lingonberries, blood pressure and vascular function in the Medical Nutrition Physiology Group at the University of Helsinki.

Anne attended the first Nutrition Winter School (Pyhätunturi, 2009) when she was a young scientist. At the second Winter School (Pyhätunturi, 2012) she was arranging free time activities and in 2020 at Levi, she was helping the organizing committee. In 2023, she is Secretary General for Nutrition Winter School. She is excited to organize an unforgettable event together with the team.