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Nutrition winter school 2023

Should you have any questions about the seminar, please feel free to contact us:


The 7th Nutrition Winter School will take place in January 2023 at Saariselkä, Finland.

Our seminar venue is Lapland Hotels Riekonlinna (meaning willow grouse’s castle) in downtown Saariselkä. This cosy Lappish hotel is located conveniently on the main street.




How to get to Saariselkä? There are several options.

You can find the most timely and detailed information about traveling options here.


By plane

You can fly to Ivalo Airport and take the airport bus to Saariselkä. There is a bus connection to and from every flight. The flight time from Helsinki is an hour and a half.

There is a straight connection from Frankfurt in Germany every Saturday. The flight is operated by Lufthansa.


Finnair flights from Helsinki to Ivalo:

Saturday, Jan 21st

  • 1) 6.50-8.35, 2) 11.25-13.10, ) 16.40-18.25, 4) 19.50-21.30

Sunday, Jan 22nd

  • 1) 6.50-8.35, 2) 11.25-13.10, 3) 16.40-18.25, 4) 20.50-22.25

Monday, Jan 23rd

  • 1) 6.45-9.25, 2) 11.25-13.10, 3) 16.40-18.25, 4) 19.50-21.30


Finnair flights from Ivalo to Helsinki:

Friday, Jan 27th

  • 1) 10.05-11.35, 2) 13.50-15.25, 3) 19.05-20.35, 4) 23.15-00.50

Satuday, Jan 28th

  • 1) 9.15-10.45, 2) 13.50-15.25, 3) 19.05-20.35, 4) 22.10-00.45

Sunday, Jan 29th

  • 1) 9.15-10.45, 2) 13.50-15.25, 3) 19.05-20.35, 4) 23.15-00.50


By train and bus

If you have the time, perhaps you’d rather choose the environmentally-friendly option of taking the train to Rovaniemi and catching a bus to the hotel doorsteps in Saariselkä? Trains in Finland are 100 % carbon-neutral.

The night train is a cosy way to spend most of the travel time fast asleep. Perhaps share a cabin with another Nutrition Winter School attendee? (Email us, if you need to find a cabin buddy!)

Or use the day-time connection for work or relaxation on the rails.

This is especially a good option for those who’d like to visit Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi. The Village can the visited by local buses.

For more information and purchase of tickets, visit the train and bus company websites:


Night train and bus, Helsinki-Saariselkä (Riekonlinna stop)

Saturday, Jan 21st – Sunday, Jan 22nd

  • Night train, Helsinki-Rovaniemi, 23.13-11.03
  • Bus, Rovaniemi-Riekonlinna, 11.45-15.23


Day-time train and bus, Helsinki-Saariselkä (Riekonlinna stop)

Sunday, Jan 22nd

  • Train, Helsinki-Rovaniemi, 8.24-16.46
  • Bus, Rovaniemi-Riekonlinna, 17.20-20.28


Night train and bus, Saariselkä (Riekonlinna stop)-Helsinki

Friday, Jan 27th

  • Bus, Riekonlinna-Rovaniemi, 13.38-17.25
  • Night train options: 1) Rovaniemi-Helsinki, 17.45-6.27 or 2) Rovaniemi-Helsinki, 20.57-9.15


Train and bus, Saariselkä (Riekonlinna stop)-Helsinki

Saturday, Jan 28th – Sunday, Jan 29th


  • Bus, Riekonlinna-Rovaniemi, 8.33-12.15
  • Train options, 1) Rovaniemi-Helsinki, 17.45-6.27 or 2) Rovaniemi-Helsinki, 20.57-9.15


  • Bus, Riekonlinna-Rovaniemi, 13.38-17.25


  • Train options: 1) Rovaniemi-Helsinki, 17.45-6.27 or 2)  Rovaniemi-Helsinki, 20.57-9.15


By car

You can also drive to Lapland. Beware of the reindeers and remember winter conditions on the road!


NWS2023 venue has two options for accommodation – you can either stay at the traditional hotel in hotel rooms or book an apartment for two or four people.

You can view different hotel rooms and the apartment options here:


Hotel rooms and apartments can be booked from the hotel with the code: ALLNWS2023.


Hotel rooms

There are standard rooms (1 or 2 persons) and appartments (2 or 4 persons) reserved for NWS participants. Make your booking soon since there are limited number of reserved rooms! Free cancellation is possible for 21 days before the beginning of the reservation.


Breakfast and the use of the large common sauna and gym are included in the price of the rooms. Hotel rooms have wifi. Some of the superior rooms also include their own small saunas!


Prices for the hotel rooms are:


standard 1 person: 105 € / night

standard 2 persons: 120 € / night




A great option is to book an apartment at Lapland Hotels Riekonlinna, which is our venue for the week. These apartments host either 2 or 4 people, with shared bedrooms and bathrooms. The apartment building is located just behind the hotel, so you will be conveniently located. The apartments include a kitchen and a sauna and a nice view to the nearby Iisakkipää fell. 


The apartment for 2 person with one bedroom costs 180 €/night and the apartment for 4 person with two bedrooms 280 €/night.


You can book an apartment with your coworkers or perhaps you want to bring your family with you too? (Family members can attend seminar dinners at an additional cost. Ask the organizing committee for details.)


Breakfast at the main hotel building is included. Appartments have free wifi.



Are you on a budget or just wish to network in the most relaxed way possible?

A great option for you is to book a spot at one of our two cabins. The cabins are booked between Saturday 21st to Saturday 28th of January, 2022. This is a very economic and comfortable way to stay a whole week in Saariselkä!

You will share the bedroom with one or more fellow Nutrition Winter School attendees. Linen and towels are included. The cabins have a sauna, a fireplace and a well-equipped kitchen.

Breakfast is not included. The grocery shop is located nearby and there is an option to have an excellent breakfast at hotel Riekonlinna. The breakfast costs 16 €/person (changes to the breakfast price are possible).

There are two cabins to choose from. Both cabins are situated a short walking distance from the seminar venue.


 Villa Kairapolanne

The cost for a bed at this is 360 euros/week. The rooms are en suite and the cabin is over 200 square meters with spacious common areas.


Villa Kelo

The cost for a bed at this cosy cabin is 260 euros/week. Some of the beds are on the loft, others are in a separate bedroom. This option is more compact than Villa Kairapolanne.


You can book your cabin stay by sending an email to We will send the payment information via email.


There are only 7 budget options available in Villa Kelo and 10 in Villa Kairapolanne, so be sure to book your spot soon!

About Saariselkä

Saariselkä is a scenic outdoor resort build around nature tourism. It is a popular destination year round, and offers something for everyone. It can be described as peaceful little town, with the great outdoors just outside the doorstep.

The winter attractions are about 200 km of excellent cross-country skiing tracks, a downhill skiing resort and Finland’s longest tobogganing slope. Other typical outdoor activities are snowshoeing and fatbike cycling. There are marked paths for each activity so that ski tracks are maintained in good condition and unfortunate collisions can be avoided.  

Saariselkä has a grocery shop, cafes, outdoor equipment rentals and shops, several restaurants and pubs.

Links on Lapland and Saariselkä:


Covid-19, health and safety

Covid-19, health and safety seriously and according to updated instructions of Finnish institute of health and welfare.

Covid-19 safe Lapland website (