Thursday 30 August


9.30                     Welcome

                             Minna Sarantola-Weiss, ordförande Nordisk museumsförbund Finland

                             Sointu Fritze, deputy director, Ateneum Art museum

                             Hanna Snellman, Dean of the Faculty of Arts, University of Helsinki


                             Prof. Janne Vilkuna, University of Jyväskylä

10.00                  Keynote lecture: Situatedness

                            Prof. Simon Knell, University of Leicester

10.50                  Coffee

Session 1. Museums at the historical borders

11.20                  Turku Castle. History before the border

                            Bengt Selin, Turku Museums

11.35                  On the borderless border - one museum, two countries

                             Linda Vuollo, Tornedalens museum

11.50                  The Cultural border of East and West in South- and North-Karelian museums

                            Reija Eeva, South-Karelian museum

12.05                  Connections, cultural heritage and the weight of the past. Museums and nature on the Eastern border

                             Oona Ilmolahti, University of Eastern Finland

12.30                  Discussion

12.40                  Lunch

13.40                  Keynote lecture:

                           Rastá rájiid. Could Indigenous viewpoints help to detect blind spots and unnecessary borders 

                            in museum?

                           Curator Áile Aikio, The National Museum of Sámi, Inari

Session 2. Borders in the Arctic Hemisphere                          

14.30                  Museums and live ethnographic display of Sámi. Scenes from a troubled relationship?

                            Catherine Baglo, Tromsö University Museum

14.45                  Grenser for kjønn? Museer som maskuline eller kjønnsløse steder

                            Marit Anne Hauan, University of Tromsö

15.00                  Kven Connection og rommekolle revival. To kunstprosjekter om kulturarv, grenser og minoriteter

                            Kaisa Maliniemi & Monica Milch Gebhardt, Varanger museum

15.15.                 Discussion

15.45                  Coffee

16.15                  Panel 1. Sámi material culture – challenging the borders of collecting

                            Moderators Leena Svinhufvud and Susanna Thiel, Designmuseum, Helsinki

17.25                  End of the day


19.00                  Reception at Helsinki City Museum


Friday 31 August


9.30                     Keynote lecture: The Nordic museum in Stockholm: A Nordic perspective in a globalized world.

                            Thoughts about the museum

                            Sanne Houby-Nielsen, museichef, Nordiska museet

10.00                  Comment: Peter Stadius, professor, Helsingfors universitet

10.15                  Discussion

10.30                  Coffee

Session 3. Focus on audiences                                                                                                                                             

11.10                  Teaching programs for children with special needs

                            Anki van Dassen, Den Gamle By

11.25                  Gränslös räckvidd med 3D-modeller?

                            Sara Dixon & Erik Lernestål, Statens historiska museer

11.40                  The role of the museum in the neighbourhoods

                            Pia Hovi-Assad, University of Helsinki

11.55                  Public, audiences or visitors? Interdisciplinary look on people in and around museums.

                            Pille Pruulman-Vengerfeldt, Malmö University

12.10                  Discussion

12.25                  Lunch

Session 4. Focus on profession                                                                                                                                                   

13.30                  Culture, nature and art – the development and demise of professional borders within the

                            Danish museum field from the 1950s until today

                            Susanne Krogh Jensen, University of Copenhagen

13.45                  Museumsreforma och museumsprofesjonane

                            Årstein Svihus, Museum Vest, Universitetet i Bergen

14.00                  Konservatorn - en gränslös gränsvakt?

                            Caroline Owman, Umeå universitet

14.15                  Bordering museum practices

                            Inkeri Hakamies, University of Helsinki

14.30                  Discussion

15.45                  Panel 2. Disciplinary borders within museology

                             Moderators Lise Skytte Jakobsen and Ane Hejlskov Larsen, Aarhus Univeristy

15.25                  Coffee

Session 5. Futures museums

16.05                  Research vs. exhibition. Challenges of producing permanent exhibitions as academic collaboration.

                            The case of the Estonian National Museum

                            Pille Runnel & Agnes Aljas, Estonian National Museum

16.20                  Borders between exhibition paradigms: traditional ideas or current trends?

                            Alex Snellman, University of Helsinki

16.35                  Telling new (hi)stories in museums

                            Sanna-Mari Niemi, University of Helsinki

16.50                  Futures museum. Border between historical collections and co-creation of futures in museums.

                            Katriina Siivonen, Marjukka Parkkinen & Satu Tuittila, University of Turku

17.05                  Discussion

17.20                  Closing remarks

                            Kerstin Smeds, Umeå universitet

18.00                  End of the day


19.00                  Dinner at Old Students House


Saturday 1 September


9.00                     Meetings of the national working groups

9.45                     Annual meeting + coffee

11.00                  Excursions

                            Alt. 1 Amos Rex Art museum, Helsinki

                            Alt. 2 Pentala Archipelago museum, Espoo