Harmonic Analysis and PDEs, University of Helsinki, 3-7 June 2019


The Harmonic Analysis and PDEs conference at the University of Helsinki, 3-7 June 2019, focuses on Harmonic Analysis and Partial Differential Equations (PDEs), their interplay, and their connections to Geometric Measure Theory. The focus will be on recent developments and breakthroughs, and the aim is to facilitate the exchange of ideas and collaboration by bringing together a wide and versatile range of leading international experts and junior researchers. The programme will involve invited talks of both 50 and 25 minutes and contributed short talks.


Descriptive keywords include singular integrals, weighted estimates, elliptic and parabolic PDEs, harmonic measure and rectifiability, boundary value problems, free boundary problems, Fourier analysis, Kakeya questions, Falconer’s distance set problem, restriction theorems and decoupling estimates.