Transitions to Alternatives - Student speakers

As part of the">Transitions to Alternatives -session student's from Middlebury College will be joining Molly Anderson in talking about sustainability transformations and activism in their university. Introductions below.

Cora Kircher

Cora Kircher is a recent graduate of Middlebury College, where she studied Sociology and Environmental Studies. At Middlebury, Cora was a lead organizer of Divest Middlebury, a co-manager for Middlebury's Sunday Night Environmental Group, and an organizer of several student climate strikes. Cora has recently moved to Portland, Maine, and is working as a researcher on a project about climate change and critical pedagogy. 

Ivonne Serna

Ivonne Serna is an undergraduate student of Environmental Studies and Political Science at Middlebury College. She is originally from Michoacán, Mexico and is interested in socio-environmental justice and political activism. Ivonne has worked with independent youth organizing collectives as well as student activist groups focused on climate change action and racial justice.

Zoe Grodsky

Zoe Grodsky is a senior at Middlebury College studying sociology and education studies with a focus in social movements. Zoe has been a member of the Middlebury Sunday Night Environmental Group for the past four years, acting as the organization’s co-manager and a lead organizer for Divest Middlebury. Outside of Middlebury, Zoe has worked on various campaigns including the fight for DC Statehood, affordable health care, and as a field intern with the Maine Democrats.

Leif Taranta

Leif Taranta is an organizer, outdoor educator, and recent student. They’ve been active in the fight for trans bathroom rights, and currently serve as a mentor to younger trans youth. As an Environmental Justice major at Middlebury College, they were a core organizer in the Divest Middlebury campaign and other student movements. They currently live in Burlington, VT where they've participated in participatory visioning projects, youth climate organizing, migrant solidarity, police abolition work, mutual aid, and fossil fuel resistance. Last fall, they spent 3 months studying with indigenous anti-capitalist resistance movements in Mexico. They currently work as a fellow with the Climate Disobedience Center and are giving trainings on direct action and de-escalation skills.

Divya Gudur

Divya is a senior at Middlebury College studying Environmental Chemistry and Global Health. She is passionate about the intersections of health, chemistry, social justice, and the environment, with a particular focus on combining toxicology into community organizing.

Lucy Weiss

Lucy Weiss is a Religion Major and is very interested in Food Studies. She organizes through Sunday Night Environmental Group and has been involved with the DIVEST Movement as well as Sunrise Middlebury and Migrant Justice. She also leads MiddVolunteers. Currently, Lucy is working as a Field Organizer for Human Rights Campaign in Maine to get pro-equality candidates elected in Maine.

Hannah Laga Abram

Hannah Laga Abram hails from Santa Fe, New Mexico and is a sophomore at Middlebury College, where she is co-outreach coordinator of the Sunday Night Environmental Group. A lover of words, dancing and sky, she is fiercely dedicated to celebrating beauty and change in this terrifying time.