EXALT Symposium 2020

In light of the ongoing worldwide effects of COVID-19, EXALT has decided to postpone its international scientific conference "Concurrent Crises and Sustainable Futures: Global Extractivisms and Alternatives" which was set to take place at the University of Helsinki on October 20-23, 2020. More information on the postponement can be found here.

Instead, EXALT is organizing an online event "EXALT Symposium 2020 - Extractivisms and Alternatives" during the same time as the conference was set out to be. Now more than ever critical discussion and collaborative knowledge creation is needed around the pressing crises resulting from extractivist practises. Join the discussion in October and become a part of our community!

Extractivisms and Alternatives

EXALT Symposium 2020 - Extractivisms and Alternatives is a series of convivial online discussions stretching across three days on 21.-23. of October, 2020. The event draws together diverse critical analyses of the phenomena of global extractivisms and the myriad alternatives pursued both in theory and practice. The EXALT Symposium 2020 aims to contribute to, expand and deepen the concept of extractivism and the role of alternatives beyond the conventional usage connected to natural resources. 

The Symposium consists of a main Roundtable-discussion with some of the world’s leading scholars working on extractivisms, followed by five scientific sessions covering different aspects of global extractivisms and alternatives. 

More information on the event and speakers will be published closer to the event. 

When? October 21.-23. 2020

Where? Online. Link for joining will be posted on this page closer to the event.

Speakers: TBA

exalt symposium


If you have any questions regarding the EXALT Symposium 2020, please reach out at exalt@helsinki.fi 

The main event of the EXALT Symposium 2020 is a Roundtable Discussion, which will bring together some of the world’s leading scholars working on extractivisms to discuss, debate, deepen and expand the definitions of extractivism. 

The session examines the politics, political economy, political ecology, and world-ecologies of extractivisms, especially their wider dynamics. 

Speakers will be announced later.

This  session examines Indigenous peoples’ struggles and sovereignty, the interplay of coloniality and modernity, intersectionality, language and linguistics, and post-extractivist social movements from any region of the world.

Speakers to be announced later. 

The session examines the tensions and contradictions in urbanism that are central to a post-extractivist agenda, including (re)theorizing urban development as part of development, underdevelopment, and alternative development, and analyses that deconstruct modernist fossil and nuclear-based urbanism from a theoretical, empirical, and methodological viewpoint.

Speakers to be announced later. 

The session examines financial, intellectual, and data related extractivist practices. The speakers will discuss global centers and systems of financial accumulation, financialization and extractivist structures of world production, and emerging alternative monies and decentralized production. 

Speakers to be announced later. 

The session examines the organizational practices that shape the transformations needed to build alternative futures in a post-extractive world. Discussion will cover some central organizing processes, leadership, and strategic dimensions of transformation.

Speakers to be announced later. 

The theme of the session is kept open to include other relevant issues and discussions around extractivisms and alternatives. The chosen presentations and speakers will be announced later. 

This session is a joint effort between EXALT and the People's Sovereignty Lab. More information on the discussion and speakers will be announced later.