On Tuesday (May 29) the program has plenty of time for good lunch with the co-workers.

The time of lunch (starting at 13:20 after noon) has also been targeted so that the most severe rush during lunch hours can be avoided. Within a 5-minute walk from the conference site, there are plenty of (really, many) different lunch locations nearby, and the below list includes only some of the examples. In addition, there are a couple of university canteens close to our conference site, also providing lunch, although the price for guests is in the same price range as in lunch restaurants listed below. If you want something in particular, please spend a few minutes before the conference to look at the list to see, if there would be a nice place to meet your own wishes. And, if in doubt, please ask your colleagues living in Helsinki and its neighborhoods for a place where to go. They will certainly guide you further to one of the nice places.

List of nice lunch places closeby: