Plan now to attend the 2018 Joint NCFM-NAFT conference, which will be hosted in Helsinki on 13-16 June, 2018.

This joint event comprises the 20th Nordic Conference on Forensic Medicine (NCFM) and the 4th Annual Meeting of the Nordic Association of Forensic Toxicologists (NAFT). The conference will present the latest developments in forensic medicine, toxicology, odontology, genetics and related disciplines.

The Organisation Committee looks forward to seeing you in Helsinki.


  • Antti Sajantila, Helsinki, President of NCFM meeting
  • Ilkka Ojanperä, Helsinki, President of NAFT meeting
  • Teemu Gunnar, Helsinki
  • Riitta Kauppila, Helsinki
  • Pirkko Kriikku, Helsinki
  • Jukka Palo, Helsinki
  • Ilpo Rasanen, Helsinki
  • Paula Vauhkonen, Helsinki


  • Professor Antti Sajantila, Finland
  • Professor Ilkka Ojanperä, Finland
  • Professor Philippe Lunetta, Finland
  • Professor emerita Helena Ranta, Finland
  • Professor Jytte Banner, Denmark
  • Professor Hans Petter Hougen, Denmark
  • Professor Mogens Johannsen, Denmark
  • Professor Kristian Linnet, Denmark
  • Professor Niels Lynnerup, Denmark
  • Professor emeritus Jakob Kristinsson, Iceland
  • Professor Inge Morid, Norway
  • Dr Vigdis Vindenes, Norway
  • Professor Henrik Druid, Sweden
  • Professor Anders Eriksson, Sweden
  • Adj. Professor Robert Kronstrand, Sweden
  • Professor Ingemar Thiblin, Sweden

Conference venue

The Conference will take place at the Porthania Building, a university facility located at the city centre campus in the centre of Helsinki. Designed by Aarne Ervi and completed in 1957, it is one of the notable modernist buildings from the 1950s. Two large auditoriums have been reserved for the conference lectures and workshops, while the ground floor central hall is reserved for the posters and exhibition.