Giving day 16.4.2018

Giving Day challenges everyone to support research and studying at the University of Helsinki. Every donation is important in supporting science and helping researchers and teachers to work towards a better world.

Make a donation that makes a difference

Giving Day is a fundraising event to support the University of Helsinki’s research. This year, donations from the day will be allocated to solve sustainable development challenges through research. Climate change, poverty, urbanisation and the loss of biodiversity are the most acute sustainability issues of our time, and we need systematic, multidisciplinary research to solve them. By donating to the University of Helsinki, you are helping us solve the problems of sustainable development. The donations give us the opportunity to seize new research areas which would otherwise be beyond our grasp.

Hel­sinki In­sti­tute of Sus­tain­ab­il­ity Sci­ence

The University of Helsinki wants to be known as an active agent in solving sustainability issues. In the University’s strategy for 2017–2020, sustainable development has accordingly been selected as one of the main global challenges which the University intends to address. That is the reason why uni­versity es­tab­lished Hel­sinki In­sti­tute of Sus­tain­ab­il­ity Sci­ence (HELSUS) to help solve global sus­tain­ab­il­ity is­sues. The exceptionally multidisciplinary research of HELSUS connects approximately 50 existing professors and nearly 150 other researchers from the six faculties of the University of Helsinki as well as from its partner institutions in different sectors of society.

A more sustainable future

We need systematic, multidisciplinary research to solve the global sustainability issues. How is the University of Helsinki solving the sustainability challenges of today and tomorrow? Read about our cutting-edge research!

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