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If you wish to help a student prepare for the world of work, but have little time and are constantly on the go due to work engagements, the Alumni Ambassador activities may be the solution. They are the Alumni Association’s latest approach to helping students regardless of time and place.

The activities take place on LinkedIn, the social network for professionals. LinkedIn provides an existing and fully functioning platform for alumni and students to meet easily and on their own terms. All activities occur through the Alumni Association’s closed LinkedIn group to ensure that the alumni help the right students.

“Mentoring is both fun and energising. It doesn’t take much work, just a bit of time and effort,” says Otto Mattsson, who has acted as a mentor several times.

Early Monday evening is not necessarily a time when you would expect to find a large crowd at Think Corner. But the kick-off session for the University’s group mentoring programme on 13 November 2017 proved an exception. Bringing together the University’s alumni and students, the programme kick-off attracted an audience of close to 130 mentors and mentees. Each of the 29 mentors will supervise a group of two to five students. They will meet over a six-month period at intervals of their own choice. A closing session for all the programme participants will be held in May 2018.

We will inform more about the application process for the mentor program for 2018-2019 later on this spring.

The Alumni Association and the University of Helsinki share the objective of helping students find employment. Below is a description of the key methods the Association uses to support employment.

The Alumni Association’s most important partner in these efforts is the University’s Career Services, with which we are organising a programme of group mentoring for the third time. Each mentor in the programme shares their skills and experiences with a small group of two to five students who are close to graduation. The students also receive support from each other.

In addition, we support Career Services in carrying out nationwide career tracking surveys. The purpose of career tracking is to produce information on the employment of academic graduates and on how well academic education meets employer needs. We also help students find traineeship opportunities.

Moreover, we collaborate closely with the Student Union, subject-specific student associations and faculty organisations as well as participate in career events focusing on specific disciplines or campuses, administer a related Facebook group and organise the annual Freshman Adventure for new students. We particularly support the career and alumni coordinators of subject-specific student associations.

In addition, this year we will carry out the ambitious Alumni Ambassador programme, which will provide hundreds of students with an opportunity to receive tips from alumni about job-seeking and career progress. The programme will use the opportunities provided by LinkedIn.

The Alumni Association’s LinkedIn group is a job and career network for University of Helsinki alumni.

Members of the Alumni Association can use the group to offer each other and students jobs and traineeships as well as mentoring, advice and tips for job-seeking.

All users are part of the alumni community, since access to the group is restricted to the University’s alumni, students and staff. All Alumni Association members can access the group. Who is an alumnus or alumna?

To join the group click Join on the group’s front page and sign in using your LinkedIn credentials. If you do not have credentials, you can create them on the LinkedIn front page.

Those interested in career and alumni activities should join the HYYn työelämä ja Alumnit group on Facebook, which currently has some 350 members. The group acts as a discussion platform for the career and alumni coordinators of the Student Union’s student associations as well as for those involved in the Student Union and the Alumni Association.

The group members share information about upcoming career events and open positions in NGOs.

The group enables persons from various sectors to meet and discuss current phenomena in the world of work.

If you graduated less than two years ago or are still studying at the University of Helsinki, you qualify as a freshman alumnus or alumna.

The membership fee for freshman alumni is only €20 per year. It includes all the membership benefits and an annual subscription to the electronical version of Yliopisto magazine.

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Career events organised by students are effective at raising the profile of their discipline and establishing new cooperation opportunities.

Subject- and faculty-specific student organisations as well as their partners organise a variety of career events on the University campuses throughout the year. The Alumni Association informs its members about the events and assists the organisers.

In November 2017, the Kumpula Campus hosted the first Kumpulan potentiaali career and recruitment event for science students. More than 50 companies set up stands, gave talks and organised workshops.

In early December 2017, the Condus student organisation of the Faculty of Educational Sciences organised the first Beha Works seminar at Siltavuorenpenger, with talks, workshops, tips and information for job-seekers from the representatives of various organisations.

In December 2017, the Kannunvalajat student organisation of the Faculty of Social Sciences arranged the VTM17 career fair for social scientists at Think Corner and in the lobby of the University’s Main Building.

Several organisations were in attendance.