The Board

The Board is responsible for the strategic work. It is comprised of 12 members who are chosen at the annual general meeting for a two-year term, and who represent different sectors of society. The Board appoints work groups that are responsible for communication, program, finance, and member recruitment respectively, and, if needed, the Board also appoints different committees. 

Board member Arja Suominen is an alumna of the Faculty of Arts with a long career in Finnish industry, and now works as Senior Vice President for Finnair's Communications and Corporate Responsibility.

"The 2017 annual celebration of the Alumni Association provided me with an opportunity to discuss the University’s and the Association’s current situation and future objectives together with Rector Jukka Kola. We were pleased to note that we had many similar thoughts and plans.

In addition to organising alumni activities, the Alumni Association focuses on supporting the employment of young academic graduates through mentoring and the new Alumni Ambassador program as well as by making our expertise available to the University. Jukka Kola told me that University graduates have been fairly successful in finding employment in recent years and that the University continues to help students develop their career skills."

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Board member Tuula Honkanen-Buzalski is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, and works as a consultant and chair at TLBona Oy. She is also a member of the board for the International Women's Forum. Honkanen-Buzalski has previously worked as director for Evira's department for research and laboratories. She is an alumna of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

Board member Kaarle Hämeri is Chancellor at the University of Helsinki and professor of aerosol physics. He is also chair of the Finnish Union of University Professors' board. Hämeri is an alumnus of the Faculty of Science.

"The duties of the chancellor include forging and maintaining contacts with various sectors of society. Alumni play a key role in the chancellor’s cooperative network. Through them, the University can be seen and make a difference, in all sectors in Finland as well as beyond our borders. I will continue to enjoy my activities in the Alumni Association as a member of its Board as well as my regular meetings with the alumni community.

The competition inherent in academia has always been reflected in the way our researchers and teachers pursue their careers. To me, it is also clearly reflected in the competition for results, donors, partners and attention in the international academic arena. We wish to be an attractive, high-quality and high-impact university where people want to work and study and which offers the best possible setting for them to do so. We must focus on quality to stand out and succeed."

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Board member Tuuli Kousa is vice president and director of the OP-group's Public Affairs, Media Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility. She is a jurisprudence alumna.

Board member Laura Leisma is a Licentiate of Odontology and works for the City Dental Clinic. Leisma is a medical alumna, Master of Music and opera singer.

Board member and attorney Jukka Lång is Head of Data Protection, Marketing & Consumers at the law firm Dittmar&Indrenius. He is an alumnus of the Faculty of Law and of Humanities (LL.M., M.A.). 

Board member Sole Molander has a PhD in Industrial Engineering and Management, is an entrepreneur at The JuicePLUS+ Company ApS, and is a board member of the International Womens' Forum. She is an alumna of the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Board member Marjo T. Nurminen is a non-fiction author, science journalist and archeologist. Nurminen's book, Tiedon tyttäret – Oppineita eurooppalaisia naisia antiikista valistukseen (trans. Daughters of Knowledge – Educated European women from the ancient world to the enlightenment), won the Finlandia-prize for non-fiction in 2008. Nurminen is an alumna of the Faculty of Arts.