UniSport has been a responsible provider of varied exercise opportunities to both former and present students since 1967. Former students – alumni, that is – qualify for a discount on many UniSport services.

Alumni discounts on training cards

Members of the Alumni Association can purchase UniSport training cards, courses and individual services at the preferred customer price (does not apply to court and hall bookings). Prizes valid between 1.1.2018-31.8.2018.

All-day card for alumni

  • 12 months 478 € (normal price 599 €)
  • 4 months 183 € (normal price 215 €)
  • 1 months 50 € (normal price 59 €)

Half-day card for alumni

  • 12 months €383 (normal price €479)
  • 4 months €155 (normal price €183)
  • 1 month €43 (normal price €50)

With the training card, you get

  • Unlimited access to the gym and group training classes during opening hours printed on the training card
  • Ball sports sessions for casual and experienced players
  • The right to make bookings for services covered by the training card (please note booking restrictions)
  • One (1) month suspension of the training card for no charge during a vacation for purchasers of a 12-month training card (not applicable to freshmen alumni)
  • Free temporary card suspension for reasons stated in the terms of service (e.g., temporary change of domicile)
  • 7-day satisfaction guarantee

Training cards are available at UniSport customer service points. To enjoy the special price, you must present the Association’s printed or electronic membership card.

The discounted prices for Alumni Association members are listed in the UniSport price list (pdf).

UniSport customer service

To freshmen members of the Alumni Association, UniSport has a special benefit. You get the 12-month training card for the staff price of €189 (normal price €599) and discounts on courses, as well as coaching, testing and massage services (court and gym bookings not included). Training cards for members of the Alumni Association can be purchased at UniSport customer service outlets. Please present your membership card at the register.

If you have graduated less than two years ago, you qualify as a freshman alumnus or alumna. The free one-month suspension of the training card during a vacation offered to purchasers of a 12-month training card does not apply to freshmen alumni. Please present your membership card at the register. Detailed terms and other service pricing are available in the UniSport price list. Prices are valid from 1 January to 31 August 2018.

For alumni, UniSport recommends the Pysyvästi kuntoon (“Fit for life”) personal training groups. Group training helps you start exercising, regardless of your initial level. You will improve your overall condition and find new motivation, as well as a more systematic approach to exercising. Your muscle strength will improve, and you will learn to use safe and effective techniques. Your diet will be diversified to support comprehensive wellbeing and vitality. You will find a positive approach to exercise and lifestyle!

Further information: www.unisport.fi

Originally founded by students, UniCafe demonstrates its responsibility in daily actions and choices that are seen in its operations, are felt in the service and can be tasted on the plate. For decades, UniCafe has made sure that every student has access to healthy meals at very good prices. Nearly all alumni have enjoyed lunch at UniCafe and sat through exams powered by it.

Members of the Alumni Association can buy lunch at the staff price at campus UniCafes and at UniCafe Ylioppilasaukio. In addition to the main course, lunch includes a beverage, a selection of breads, a side salad, and either coffee, tea or dessert for the price of €5.70–7.20 (normal price €8.80–9.50). UniCafe Ylioppilasaukio also offers a Bistro option for €8.70 (normal price €9.00), which includes the main course, a small soup and a large salad bar.

Please present your membership card at the register in electronic or paper form.

UniCafes on the map

Lunch search


Gaudeamus is a leading Finnish science publisher that serves the Finnish scientific community and a wide audience interested in science. Gaudeamus annually publishes some 30 books, mainly in the humanities, social sciences, environmental sciences, philosophy, economics and education. In 2016, it transferred from the Student Union’s ownership to the University of Helsinki.

As a member, you are entitled to a 20% discount on books in the Gaudeamus online bookshop.

During the year, Gaudeamus sells books at various events organised at the University, in addition to which it makes special offers to alumni. These special offers will be announced on the Association website, by email and through the electronic membership card. Please present your membership card at events. To gain the discount in the online bookstore, please enter the discount code ALUMNI 2019 in the field “Lahjakortti/kampanjakoodi” (“Gift certificate/campaign code”) and click Lisää  kampanjakoodi (Submit). Your discount and the final order price, including postage, will appear on the screen. Orders exceeding €60 will be delivered without postal fees.

Questions about income inequality, immigration and equality produce a lot of political friction. While it’s easy to acknowledge the need for justice, people rarely have the same conception of the word.

Oikeudenmukaisuuden ongelma (The Problem with Justice), edited by Matti Häyry, Tuija Takala and Johanna Ahola-Launonen, approaches the issue from a multidiciplinary perspective and dissects how different assumptions about human nature, values and society affect our conceptions of justice. The work creates a historical overview of the development of the concept of justice, and contemplates all the different things ‘justice’ can mean.

Order the book Oikeudenmukaisuuden ongelma from the Gaudeamus online store, now at the alumni price of 20€ + delivery (norm. 34€). Use the discount code ALUMNIELO18. The offer is valid until 31.8.2018.

The Finnish Literature Society (SKS) is Finland’s largest publisher of non-fiction and scientific literature in the humanities. It annually publishes around 60 new works dealing with the Finnish language, literature, folklore and history.

Alumni Association members receive a 25% discount on SKS books at Tiedekirja bookstore (Snellmaninkatu 13, Helsinki) and the online SKS bookstore.

During the year, the society also makes special 40% reductions for members of the Association. These will be announced by email, at events or in the cover supplement of the Yliopisto magazine. Please present your membership card at the Tiedekirja bookstore register in electronic or paper form. In the online store, the discount can be activated by registering as a client in the “HY Alumniyhdistys” (University of Helsinki Alumni Association) client group.  Further information and instructions are available online.

The online SKS bookstore

Tiedekirja bookstore

The Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra (RSO) is the Finnish Broadcasting Company’s orchestra, tasked with producing and promoting Finnish music culture.

The orchestra regularly organises tours around the world and has put on over 300 concerts outside Finland. RSO’s recordings have received notable prizes, such as the BBC Music Magazine Award, the Académie Charles Cros award and the MIDEM Classical Award.

Members of the Alumni Association are eligible for special prices on RSO’s highly popular season and single tickets.

Season tickets

Season tickets for 2017–2018 will be on sale in April 2018.

RSO concerts, season 2017–2018

Further information about the season ticket series

Single tickets

As a membership benefit, you get 10% off of tickets in the normal price category in the spring of 2018. Single tickets cost €32/27/22.

Ticket purchases

How to buy tickets:

  • Tickets are available at the Helsinki Music Centre or Ticketmaster outlets.
  • Season tickets are sold at Ticketmaster outlets or by phone at 0600 10 800 (€1.98/min + standard local network rate). If you reserve a ticket through the phone service, the reservation fee per ticket is €2. Please mention the alumni benefit when making a reservation and be prepared to provide proof of your Alumni Association membership when purchasing the ticket.

Alumni-priced tickets cannot be purchased or reserved through Ticketmaster’s online service or at R-kioski outlets.

The Music Centre ticket office does not charge service fees. Ticketmaster outlets charge a service fee of €1.50–€3.50/ticket.

Alumni also receive a discount on tickets to Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra concerts as part of the Association’s cultural events (in Finnish).

Every day, everywhere. Finland’s leading multichannel media company, Sanoma Media Finland, offers Alumni Association members a discount of up to 40% for fixed-term 12-month subscriptions of Sanoma Media Finland’s lifestyle magazines.

In addition to printed magazines, you will receive access to online magazines.

During the year, prices may change, but the discount percentage will remain unchanged. Each lifestyle magazine subscription includes the digilehdet.fi service, where you can read all of the Sanoma magazines in one place. The service includes all magazines published from the beginning of 2015. The latest issues of all magazines will be published in the service the same day they reach stores and subscribers. The Oma Sanoma user identification, created when ordering a subscription, can be used to log in to the digilehdet.fi service as well.

Aku Ankka, 12 months (52 issues)€111.80 (normal price €159.70)
Aku Ankka Juniori, 12 months (12 issues)€69.30 (normal price €99.00)
ET , 12 months (20 issues)€113.80 (normal price €189.60)
ET Terveys, 12 months (10 issues)€59.10 (normal price €98.50)
ET Matkaopas, 12 months (6 issues) €42.50 (normal price €70.80)
Gloria, 12 months (12 issues)€89.90 (normal price €139.70)
Glorian Koti, 12 months (12 issues)€77.90 (normal price €129.80)
Glorian ruoka&viini, 12 months (8 issues)€77.40 (normal price €129.00)
Hyvä Terveys, 12 months (14 issues) €89.90 (normal price €149.80)
Kodin Kuvalehti, 12 months (24 issues) €118.80 (normal price €198.00)
Meidän Perhe, 12 months (11 issues)€63.40 (normal price 105.60)
Me Naiset, 12 months (48 issues) €141.20 (normal price €235.20)
Prinsessa, 12 months (12 issues)€62.60 (normal price €89.40)
Rakennuslehti, 12 months (40 issues) €83.80 (normal price €139.60)
SPORT, 12 months (10 issues) €65.40 (normal price €109.00)
Suuri Käsiyyö, 12 months (10 issues)€81.00 (normal price €135.00)
Tiede, 12 months (12 issues) €99.20 (normal price €165.00)
Vauva, 12 months (10 issues) €65.40 (normal price €109.00)

The Yliopisto magazine is one of the best scientific magazines in Finland. As a membership benefit, you will receive the entire volume (10 issues) of the Yliopisto magazine in the form of a digital facsimile edition, as well as the January and September issues in print by mail. This is covered by the membership fee of €36. To receive the entire printed volume (value €50) by mail, you need only add €4 to the membership fee, adding up to an even €40.

The Yliopisto magazine familiarises readers with the latest research and timeless analyses, as well as the most knowledgeable scholars and delightful phenomena. Membership in the Association is the most inexpensive way to obtain the entire volume of the magazine.

Ulkopolitiikka (“Foreign Policy”) is an award-winning magazine that deepens debate on international politics and the economy in Finland. As a membership benefit, you get 15% off from a subscription. Annual subscription for members is €34.85 (normal price €41). The subscription includes one optional previous issue and access to the online edition. Subscriptions are made by calling to +358 9 432 7707 or writing to asiakaspalvelu@ulkopolitiikka.fi.

Please refer to your Alumni Association membership when ordering the subscription. The magazine is published by the Finnish Institute of International Affairs, which organises discussion meetings and seminars focused on international relations and the European Union. To some of these events, there is a quota for members of the Association.

Subscriptions can be made by phone at +358 9 432 7707) or email asiakaspalvelu@ulkopolitiikka.fi. Mention that you are a member of the Alumni Association. The magazine is published by the Finnish Institute of International Affairs, which organises discussions and seminars on international relations and the European Union. Some of the events have a quota for Association members. For more information on current events, please see the Alumni Association’s website and member newsletters.

The Alumni Association annually offers dozens of high-quality events produced or selected with alumni in mind.

The events provide a well-balanced mix of science and culture, as well as compelling topics and networking opportunities.

The Alumni Association’s online store offers a continuously updated range of products, services and benefits. Currently available are books, tickets to events, coverall badges, wine glasses, condolence cards and sleep masks.

What kind of membership benefits would you like? Propose a benefit by email at alumniyhdistys@helsinki.fi or on the Alumni Association’s FB page.

Would you like to offer a new membership benefit? Providing benefits to the Alumni Association’s members is a great way to reach out to a large number of active social and political figures as the alumni are the University of Helsinki’s academically educated students and staff. For more information please contact the Alumni Office.