You can easily join the Alumni Association either online by sending an email to or by calling +35829 412 4494.

Alumni Association members are offered a unique cross-disciplinary program including seminars, lectures, travels and celebrations. As a member, you receive the University Magazine, discounts on concert tickets, magazines, books, courses and sports services, as well as the opportunity to influence the university and its future. Take advantage of numerous membership benefits, take part in more than 40 events annually.

Your student years at the University of Helsinki are about to end or have already ended. However, your years as a University alumnus or alumna have just begun – and have no deadline!

NETWORKING as part of a 7,000 alumni community
PARTICIPATE in various programs and academic volunteering
SUPPORT the employment of students
LEARN for life by maintaining the connection to the the University
SAVE with academical membership benefits

The University of Helsinki Alumni Association is a network of nearly 7,000 professionals, which can support your career. It is a meeting place for future employers and job-seekers, a whole network of competence, contacts, mentoring, jobs and traineeships. Join the Alumni Association's closed LinkedIn group.

The expertise of our alumni is needed to support both the University and its alumni activities. Alumni and the Alumni Association are an important part of the academic community. As a member of the Alumni Association, you can influence the University’s future and support current students.

I learned the term ‘alumni’ only during my last assignment in New York as an official of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. In the American context, one’s university is well remembered, contacts are maintained and donations are made. After my return to Finland and retirement, I enrolled at the Open University to study history. This is where I heard about the Alumni Association and I signed up. Of the membership benefits, I value the interesting lectures and trips the most. I have found new friends and rediscovered old ones. The Association’s annual celebration is always a joyful event. I have volunteered to hand out refreshments and gym tickets at the carnival on the University’s opening of the academic year. I’m interested in continuing as a volunteer. I feel that the University of Helsinki is still my university and that I can walk through the revolving doors to Porthania any time I want.

Ritva Jolkkonen
Faculty of Social Sciences


I think the question should rather be “why not an alumnus or alumni?”. It is self-evident. I have been at the University for over 50 years, so it has become an integral part of me. I have participated in several alumni events and parties both as a speaker and just as a guest enjoying the event. At the end of last year, I signed up for eternal membership. My faculty carried out a successful alumni project at the occasion of the University’s 375th anniversary: we set up a website featuring 375 successful alumni in the humanities. Many felt that it gave them the opportunity to visibly contribute to the alumni activities.

Arto Mustajoki
Faculty of Arts

I joined the Alumni Association soon after graduation. I wanted to maintain contact with the University, the academic world and more widely with the surrounding society. After all, the University is part of society, and a critical part for that matter, in the same way as the Chancellor of Justice or the YLE broadcasting company. For two years I sat on the Association Board. I felt it was important to highlight the fact that despite Aalto University’s impressive track record, the University of Helsinki continues to be Finland’s largest university and the most successful Finnish university in international rankings. People should be prouder of their alma mater. Being an alumnus or alumna is an honour, which should be boldly stated also in your CV.

Jan D. Oker-Blom
Faculty of Social Sciences

I’m a second-generation alumna. My father worked here as a professor, and I have also spent most of my career working here at the University. I didn’t want my affiliation with the University to end, so I joined the Alumni Association well before retirement. Besides participating in various events, I have been on five alumni trips. The most memorable ones were the two-week cruise aboard a cargo ship in Polynesia and the trip to Jordan, where Jaakko Frösén told about us the Petra digs. He made us feel like we were travelling with Indiana Jones. The Alumni Association is very active!

Tarja Kohila
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Thanks to science, people live longer and healthier nowadays, which means that we must also work longer. The traditional pattern of studies, career and pension has become more varied. People must be able to gear their skills in a multidisciplinary way and assume greater responsibility for their mental capacity. The Alumni Association proves new insights into this. Being an alumnus or alumna is not just about receiving, but also about the opportunity to give, in other words, to share information, time and resources, for example, by sponsoring research. Through my membership in the Alumni Association Board I wish to promote the Association’s objectives, the employment of graduates and the University’s international competitiveness through concrete measures. As an alumna, I have been able to enjoy intellectual conversations and warm friendship.

Susanna Miekk-oja
Faculty of Science


Read the terms of membership before joining!

All former students who have pursued degree studies at the University of Helsinki may join the University’s Alumni Association. Membership applications are approved by the Board of the Association.

The Association’s annual meeting decides on the membership fee annually. This year’s fee is €36.

When registering as a member you will be asked to provide, at minimum, your name, address, phone number, date of birth, faculty and first year of studies. Please note that the faculty organisation corresponds to that currently in force. Changes may have taken place in the faculties and departments over the years.

The membership fee entitles you to participate in events organised by the Alumni Association and to enjoy member benefits. Having paid the membership fee, you will also receive membership letters and other information about the Association’s activities and the University. If you provide your email address, you will also receive messages by email.

The membership is personal: the Alumni Association benefits are for the member’s own use.

Our member register is absolutely confidential, and the information in it will not be shared with third parties.

The University of Helsinki Alumni Association has the right to terminate a membership if it has been misused or if the information provided is false.

The University of Helsinki Alumni Association reserves the right to amend the conditions of membership without separate notification.

Ever since my graduation, it’s been clear to me that I want to stay in close contact with the University of Helsinki Alumni Association. My identity is inextricably linked to the academic community, and the University of Helsinki is my alma mater. It was also my workplace for some 15 years.

Although I often collaborated with the Alumni Association when working at the University, becoming a member and participating in the Association activities didn’t seem self-evident. I didn’t appreciate their value until I changed jobs in the winter of 2016. But since then, I’ve participated in the Association’s events and other activities on a monthly basis. The activities make me feel I haven’t left the University or lost the friendships I made during my studies and academic career. They also give me an even greater incentive to continue my professional collaboration with the University of Helsinki.

Janne Wikström
Faculty of Social Sciences/ Swedish School of Social Science

Alumni can help students – and the University – as mentors to find their place in their field. I learned a great deal about the expertise available at the University during my time on the advisory committee of University of Helsinki Funds. Now I participate in alumni events to engage in similar intellectually stimulating conversations and access the latest knowledge.

Fundraising is important for all, including those of us who have studied the humanities. I have personally had the opportunity to donate 1,000 euros to the University, and intend to make a similar contribution in the future. All donations, regardless of size, make a difference.

As an alumnus, I hope the University understands that students are its most important clients. Right now it seems as if students have been left to fend for themselves in a maze of bureaucracy. Perhaps a new type of amanuensis could provide staff with better opportunities to concentrate on supporting students in becoming excellent scholars.

The Alumni Association gives me the chance to shape the future of an international university. Although money is important, the humanities help reduce inequality and expand democracy. For me, being an alumnus is about promoting optimism.

Asko Mäkelä
Faculty of Arts

I joined the Alumni Association soon after my graduation. I enjoyed my studies and recognised their importance in my life, so I wanted to stay in touch with the University after graduating. Yliopisto magazine, one of the perks available to members, has kept me up to date with what’s happening at the University and in research.

I’m a lifelong learner at heart and, for me as an alumna, it is important to find out about interesting University lectures open to the public. The Alumni Association also organises a wide variety of interesting events, which I’ve enjoyed and which have allowed me to meet new people, both other alumni and students.

I also appreciate meeting and supporting today’s students through the Association’s volunteer activities. Being a member of the Alumni Association makes me feel part of the academic community although I work in the corporate world.

Anna Autere
Faculty of Arts

It took me a long time to find the kind of volunteer work that would allow me to support students on their career paths. I want to encourage and inspire students to explore a wide range of career paths both in Finland and abroad. I hope my own example inspires them to seek the path that is right for them. As a theology graduate, I have worked in a number of fields, including brand creation, communications, marketing, corporate social responsibility, volunteer work and NGO management.

Through the Alumni Association I was able to join an active and inspirational network. Crucially, I have had the opportunity to do precisely the things that originally made me join the Association. I have been able to support and inspire students. As a member of the alumni network, I have made a difference. It’s exciting to engage in a lively dialogue, hear interesting views and learn more about what is happening in the academic and wider communities – in a free and open way.

Sari Vapaavuori
Faculty of Theology