ExpREES Student Excursions
ExpREES organizes annual student excursions, in which the student shave a great role on carrying out the planning tasks.

Future Excursions

ExpREES programme organises every academic year at least one excursion into the REE-area.

The aim of the excursions is to deeper students knowledge of the REE-area. The excursions include visits to the universities, NGO's, international organizations, companies etc. Students who will participate the excursion, will take care of the organizing the programme of the excursion.

Students organizing the practicalities (ie. visits, flights) for the excursion group and writing a short report after the excursion, provides them with 2-5 credits. The amount of credits depends on the activity of each student for the arranging of the common programme on the excursion.

ExpREES programme supports excursions. The deductible expenses of the excursion depend on the destination. ExpREES students can participate in excursions also without support and cover costs by themselves.

Students are always welcome to suggest destinations for next excursion. ExpREES will inform students on up-coming excursions through ai-verkko mailing list. Priority is given to those students who did not attend an excursion during previous year. Students can always attend excursions at their own expense.

Past Excursions

In 2022 North Macedonia and Kosovo

In 2019 the excursion took place in Uzbekistan. Read more in Sasha’s blog (in Finnish).

In 2018 the excursion took place in Georgia and Armenia. Read more in Sasha’s blog (in Finnish).

In spring 2017 the excursion took place yet again in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. Read more in Sasha’s blog (in Finnish).

Destinations of the excursion in spring 2016 were Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. Read more in the Sasha’s blog (in Finnish).

Excurstion to Armenia and Georgia was made in spring 2015. Read more from the blog (in Finnish).

In spring 2013 an excursion to Baku in was made. Excursion was planned and organized by students. Check out our blog about the project.

Next in line as an excursion was Tbilisi in spring 2012. Please read the trip report from Georgia.

ExpREES went for an excursion to the Republic of Mari through Moscow in spring 2011. Read our trip report.

ExpREES went to Kiev in spring 2010. Remember to read the trip report.

Excursion of Border was made in autumn 2009. As a proof of the trip here is trip report.

Excursion to Murmansk was made in spring 2009. Check the trip report.

ExpREES went to Moscow again in autumn 2008. You can read Lauri Lakiasuo’s trip report here.

We made our very first trip to Belarus in autumn 2007. Read our trip report.

ExpREES participated in Tempus seminar in Arkhangelsk in spring 2007. Read more from detailed report.

In autumn 2006 the excursion headed to Russia where we visited in Moscow, Kazan and Yekaterinburg. Read more from detailed report.

ExpREES made an one week trip via-Baltic in autumn 2005.