Seven reasons to study in Viikki

Viikki Campus


Discover seven good reasons to study on the Viikki campus, one of the four campuses of the University of Helsinki.

1. International and multidisciplinary learning environment

The learning and research are very multidisciplinary in the Viikki Campus as there are 13 International Master’s Programmes, exchange students from all over the world and international staff at the campus. It means that you can enjoy the international learning environment whatever you study. You also have great possibilities to experience a study period abroad.

2. Unique teaching laboratories

Unlike many other universities, at the University of Helsinki the students are welcomed in the science laboratories from the very beginning of their studies. The Viikki Campus houses numerous laboratories, a meat technology pilot plant, a pilot bakery, and a small‑scale dairy pilot plant -  just to give some examples.

3. Be where cutting-edge research happens daily

The Viikki Campus provides excellent opportunities for multidisciplinary research. In addition to the state-of-the-art laboratory facilities, the Viikki Campus’ faculties have multiple field stations around Finland. The campus also has multiple government research institutions with which the University cooperates.

4. Become an expert in your own field

The multidisciplinary approach, the international scope of your education, and the close contacts you will gain with employers will open doors for you in rewarding professions both in Finland and internationally.

5. The Green Campus

The Viikki Campus is often referred to as "The Green Campus”. It is built near the beautiful Finnish nature and you can even spot farm animals. You also have the possibility to participate in campus farming at the Viikki Campus!

6. All the student essentials are nearby

You can find housing, student restaurants, gym and sports centre UniSport, a science library and much more on the campus.

7. Support for studying

On Viikki campus, the students are part of the science community. The easily approachable teachers know their students and students learn from each other. Although studies at the university are independent and each student carries the responsibility for their own studies, there are many parties giving counselling and instruction, and they are all there for the students.