Scor­ing an ap­plic­a­tion, Master's Admissions, Mas­ter’s Programme in International Business Law

These instructions apply to you, if you apply to the Master's Programme in International Business Law in the winter 2018/spring 2019 application round:

Admissions criteria

Students will be selected to the Master’s programme based on an overall assessment of the applications. Special attention will be focused on ascertaining that the studies included in the applicant’s previous degree and/or used as the basis for the application are suitable and relevant in terms of level, content and quality, and that they form as solid a foundation as possible for studies in the Master's Programme in International Business Law.

The student selection will be based primarily on the contents of previous studies, the quality of the degree, academic performance and a motivation letter composed by the applicant. International experience and work experience may also be considered in the selection process.

Since the selection will be based on an overall assessment, the number of applicants and the quality of the applications will ultimately determine the requirements for acceptance. In other words, an applicant who meets the specified criteria may nevertheless fail to be accepted.

Motivation letter

All applicants need to show an interest in the intended study field by answering the following questions. These questions will be answered in the application form. Please note that the number of characters is limited in each question.

a) What are your motives to apply for this Master's Programme at the University of Helsinki? (max. 1000 characters including spaces)

b) How do your previous studies enable you to succeed in the studies of this Master's  Programme? (max. 500 characters including spaces)

c) How do the studies of this Master's Programme complement and broaden your previous studies? (max. 500 characters including spaces)

d) Please specify how studying in this Master's Programme relates to your career objectives and what you wish to achieve by completing your master's degree? (max. 500 characters including spaces)

e) Outline your academic interests in the chosen field, i.e. indicate what you see as being a potential topic of your Master's thesis and how your specific research interests relate to this Master's Programme (max. 1000 characters including spaces).