Nominated by your home university for Erasmus+ global student mobility

Erasmus+ KA1 global mobility exchange students are first selected and nominated for exchange by their home university.  If you have not yet been nominated, please contact the International Office of your home university for more information on how to be nominated.

After you have been nominated, your home university will send your name and contact information to the University of Helsinki’s International Exchange Services, studentexchange(at) You will then need to apply to the University of Helsinki as an exchange student based on the instructions and deadlines indicated on Instructions for students.

When you register as an applicant, please choose “Erasmus Global (student mobility) as your exchange programme. Detailed application instructions are available in the University of Helsinki’s Global Mobility Fact Sheet for 2020-2021 (pdf) and on the Exchange Studies website.

Your Erasmus+ global mobility travel scholarship will be paid to you at the Welcome Fair together with your first Erasmus+ global mobility scholarship for living expenses. More detailed information about your scholarship will be sent to you together with your official acceptance letter. Timetable for receiving the acceptance information is available in the Fact Sheet, which is linked above.

Being an Erasmus+ global mobility student grants you several rights, which are explained in the Erasmus Student Charter (pdf).