Mobility Online application instructions

You can apply to the University of Helsinki (UH) as an exchange student if there is a valid student exchange agreement between your home university and the University of Helsinki, and you have been nominated by your home university. If your home university does not have a student exchange agreement with the University of Helsinki, but you would like to study at UH for an academic term/semester or year, you can apply for visiting student status.


  • NOTE: If you are applying to ISEP, North2North exchange or as a visiting student, you need to click on the "ISEP, NORTH2NORTH.." banner at the top of the page and select the correct progamme. The online application will open in a new window.
  • The application is done via Mobility Online system and it starts from the Online portal. In the portal, choose at least your country, home institution, faculty at UH, exchange program and the correct academic year and click “Show exchange details”. Once the list of your own exchange opportunities is opened, please click on the green dot next to your choice and a new window will open. Fill in the online application.
  • Fill in the registration form with care. All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are obligatory. Please note that you can not edit the registration form later on.
  • Personal details: Remember to check that you fill in your correct e-mail address! This e-mail address will be used for all communication concerning the application process.
  • Data concerning the planned study: "The faculty / department / subject at the University of Helsinki which you apply to study at”. In most programmes the unit is the one listed in the exchange agreement, please consult your home institution's exchange coordinator regarding the correct unit. If you apply through University-wide programmes (e.g. University Bilateral Agreements and Erasmus+ global student mobility), choose “International Exchange Services (Administration)” as the Faculty and “University Bilateral Agreement”  as the field of study. The faculty name is updated to the application form of each student by International Exchange Services during the application process based on the student’s Learning Agreement.
  • Data concerning the contact person in case of emergency: Fill in the person you want to be contacted in case of emergency (e.g. mother, father)
  • Here you can find the teaching periods. The form automatically gives the first day of the Welcome Fair as the starting date. Please edit only if you have agreed on the exceptional dates with the International Exchange Services at the University of Helsinki. The exchange period starts from the Welcome Fair and ends, depending on the programme, on the last day of the examination and independent study week or at the end of the last month of the term. 
  • Once you have filled in the form click on the “Send application” -button. If you need to update details in the form after sending the online application form, please contact studentexchange(at) Please note that filling in the online application is just the first step of your application and there are still further steps that need to be completed before your application is complete. After you have you have filled in your online application form you will receive an email with further instructions to the address you gave in the online application form.

You will receive an email confirming that the application process has started. Click on the link in the email. Fill in your Date of birth (DD.MM.YYYY) and click “Next step”.

  • Create a username and a password that have minimum 8 and maximum 12 characters, at least one number, at least one upper case letter and no special characters. For example: Username1, passWord1.
  • Click on the “Direct entry to Online portal” -button (you’re directed to your application account). You will receive another e-mail confirming the registration. All the following steps of the application process are explained in this e-mail.
  • Once you are directed to your application account you will need to select a security question (and answer for the question).
  • Proceed with your application by completing the necessary steps in your application work-flow. You are required to do the steps in the given order.
  • Complete personal data: Click “Complete Personal Data” link to complete your personal details. Save the data by clicking “Create” -button.
  • Apply for housing: NB! UH highly recommends you to apply for housing with this form! Click "Enter the housing application" link to fill in the housing application. A new page will open with the following question “Do you apply housing via Unihome/HOAS?”. If you want to apply for housing, select “Yes” and the actual housing application opens. The general instructions concerning the application are available on Mobility Online, please read the instructions carefully. To save your housing application form, click on the Save -button. More information concerning the housing application can be found here and in the housing application in Mobility Online.
  • Complete learning agreement: You will need to fill in your preliminary Learning Agreement. You must first look for suitable courses. You can start your search in the instructions for course selection. The Learning Agreement must always be approved by a member of staff (often either academic or administrative) of your home university. Please note that the Learning Agreement is a preliminary plan and must often be made on the basis of the previous year’s course information, so changes are possible. To add courses, click on the white paper sheet icon ("Create new record") on the left. To add more courses, click on the Enter further courses icon and save the data with the "Create" -button. Please note that you will have to insert the courses one by one. Add the course unit code at the host institution, course unit title at the host institution and number of ECTS at the host institution. It is important to state the number of ECTS so that your coordinator can accept your learning agreement. The courses you add here will be added to your printed learning agreement. Erasmus students: When a mobility window is embedded in your curriculum, it is enough to write “Mobility window” and state the total number of ECTS credits you will be awarded at your home institution (e.g. 30 ECTS credits). If you wish to delete a course click on the trash bin icon next to the course. To update the course information click on the Update record icon next to the trash bin icon. Please note that for visiting students the Learning Agreement is a separate document (the online version of the LA in Mobility Online is for exchange students only).
  • Print learning agreement: Once your learning agreement is ready, click on the “Print Learning Agreement” link and the learning agreement opens as a pdf file. You can save it on your computer and print it, or print it later. Note that in the learning agreement “Name of the course [home institution]” and “ECTS -credit” [home institution] fields will be left blank. You have to discuss with your coordinator of your home institution about these.
  • Print application form: To print the application form, click “Print Application form” link and the application form opens as a pdf file. Remember to sign the application form.
  • Upload application documents in the Mobility Online application portal. More information about the ´required documents can be found on the application for student exchange page.

Confirm that you have uploaded all required documents: After you have uploaded your signed application form with the required application enclosures to your Mobility Online account you will still need to confirm that you have uploaded all of the required documents. Click on the link "Confirm that you have uploaded all required documents" in the application work-flow and tick the box. Save your confirmation with the “Create” button. This completes your application (there is no separate submit/send button).

If you have uploaded your documents we’ve received them even though they’ve not yet been marked as received in Mobility Online.

In all questions regarding your exchange, please send a detailed e-mail to the appropriate coordinator at the following e-mail addresses, in case you are not able to find the information you need on our website:

  • Erasmus students: studentexchange(at)
  • Nordplus and Nordlys students: studentexchange(at)
  • Other programmes (e.g. AEN, MAUI, University Bilateral, North2North, North South South): studentexchange(at)
  • Mobility Online technical support: please contact kvl-admin(at) with a detailed description of your situation.