Mas­ter's Pro­gramme in Urban Stud­ies and Plan­ning: Portfolio

If you are applying for the Master’s Programme in Urban Studies and Planning, you must enclose your application an academic or professional portfolio, which must contain at least four work samples.

One of the samples must be related to the thesis of your first-cycle degree:

  • If your thesis is completed by the end of the application period, the sample must be a summary of the thesis.
  • If your thesis is not completed by the end of the application period, the sample must include the heading of your thesis, the thesis plan and a description of the progress of the thesis process up to submitting the application.

The rest of the samples must be relevant to the target degree you are applying for and introduce your skills as diversely as possible.

Work samples can include:

  • Essays
  • Learning journals
  • Cartographic work samples
  • Research projects
  • Descriptions of field work experience
  • Laboratory work samples
  • Design work samples

If any of your samples are the result of groupwork, you must clearly indicate your part and role in the project.

You can have links to your projects elsewhere in your portfolio, but it is not acceptable to have just links. Please provide only the most relevant and important links!

Write your portfolio in English. It is also acceptable to present the summary of your Bachelor's thesis as well as the work samples in Finnish or Swedish, if you are lacking work samples in English.

Please note that you cannot be admitted to the Master’s Programme if you do not submit a portfolio.

Upload your portfolio in the application system after you have submitted the online application form. The portfolio must be uploaded as a single PDF-file, and the size of the file should not exceed 20 MB. The deadline for submitting the portfolio is 15 January 2021 by 15:00h Finnish time.  Do not send the portfolio by email, regular mail or courier services.