Mas­ter's Pro­gramme in Urban Stud­ies and Plan­ning: Portfolio

Please note that you cannot be admitted to the Master’s Programme if you do not submit a portfolio.

Write your portfolio in English. The portfolio must be in pdf-format, and the size of the file should not exceed 20 MB.

Your portfolio should contain:

1) A summary of your Barchelor’s thesis. In case you’re still working on it, please give a working title and explain your thesis writing process. Describe your research questions, materials and methods as well as you can.

2) Three other work samples, which demonstrate the versatility of your work. Please note that those work samples have to be relevant to the study line and studies you want to take in the USP programme. You can use both texts and images, accompanied by some contextual information (e.g. the assignment, context of the project etc.). If you include groupwork to the samples, please make sure you give also a clear description of your own interest and role in the work.

The work samples presented in the portfolio may include:

  • planning or design works
  • essays
  • cartographic works
  • research assignments
  • science-based projects
  • descriptions of your fieldwork experience
  • laboratory work

You can have links to your projects elsewhere in your portfolio, but it is not acceptable to have just links. Please provide only the most relevant and important links! Please note that both the summary of your Bachelor's thesis as well as all the work samples must be written / presented in English.

Send your portfolio in pdf-format (max. file size 20 MB) to the following email address: Please write "Portfolio, Master's Programme in Urban Studies and Planning" in the subject field. The deadline for submitting the portfolio is 11 January 2019 by 15:00h Finnish time. You will receive a confirmation by email in few days when your portfolio has been received.