Are you considering a student exchange at the University of Helsinki or have you already been nominated by your home university? The University of Helsinki takes part in several exchange programmes like Erasmus, Nordplus and ISEP. Each year we welcome about 1000 exchange students from our partner universities.

We offer also the possibility to apply for a visiting student (free mover) status. Erasmus+ trainees can also apply for the visiting student status. 

Find out more on the page For exchange and visiting students.

University of Helsinki does not have a central recruitment unit. If you are interested in a laboratory or research group traineeship or wish to work on your thesis at the University of Helsinki, please see the instructions on How to apply for internship/thesis work/research

Helsinki Summer School (HSS) is a three-week academic summer session organised in August by the University of Helsinki. Each year HSS gives advanced degree students from all over the world an unforgettable experience that combines high-quality multidisciplinary academic studies with cultural and social activities. The language of study is English and the ECTS credits are transferable.

You can apply for non-degree (non-graduate) studies:

  • If you already have a degree from a higher education institution and you want to take supplementary courses as an extension to your current degree
  • If you need to acquire qualifications required for certain professions

In practice, the right to pursue non-degree studies can only be granted to persons living in Finland. Non-degree studies are liable to charges. Each faculty of the University of Helsinki has its own individual application procedure regarding these type of studies:

The Bachelor’s Programme in the Languages and Literatures of Finland offers free Finnish language courses for exchange, visiting and international degree students enrolled at the University of Helsinki. Teaching is offered on three campuses: City centre, Viikki and Kumpula.

Language Centre provides language courses for students at the University of Helsinki.

In addition, the Language Centre's Language Services offer fee-based open enrolment Finnish language courses. You do not need to be enrolled as a student at the University of Helsinki to participate in these courses.

The Open University provides anyone an opportunity to study university studies, regardless of age or educational background. The Open University offers the latest information for maintaining professional skills, support for launching a new career, the possibility to explore different disciplines and the joy of learning.

The majority of courses are offered in Finnish and Swedish only.

All Finnish universities are parties to the Flexible Study Right (JOO) Agreement that enables undergraduate and postgraduate students to include studies completed at other Finnish universities in their degrees free of charge. Students must register as attending students at their home university to apply for the flexible study right and to complete studies at another university.

The flexible study right scheme aims to expand the course selection of the students’ home university, to increase study options and to support the smooth progress of studies. For students, the flexible study right scheme provides an opportunity to include in their degrees relevant studies taught by other universities as well as to make use of experts and specialist fields of other universities.

Ap­plic­a­tion pro­ced­ure: