Student life

Studying at the University of Helsinki is so much more than just studies. The Student Union of the University of Helsinki, or HYY, is an exceptionally diverse and active student community. No matter what extra-curricular activities you are interested in, you can probably find a student organisation that fits you perfectly among the 250+ organisations in HYY. Theatre groups, bio diving, martial arts, political and civic activism, classical choirs and headbanging, a kink society, insect gourmet ­– you name it, we have it.

There are over 27 000 members in the HYY community! Student organisations and events are a great way of getting to know Helsinki and the university. You’ll meet and work with new people and make friends, party, network, and learn new skills not available at courses.

All degree students become members of HYY. Exchange students are also more than welcome to join; the student union membership will make your stay in Helsinki all the more enjoyable and memorable. Members are entitled to a vast variety of student discounts and benefits from everything from local and long-distance transport to health care services by the FSHS. The easiest way to prove your student status and get all the student discounts on offer is to order a Student Card.