In our programme, Russia is placed into the global context. Through Russia, we can look at global developments and challenges. Our aim is to give you tools to understand diverse social, political, and cultural phenomena and processes, and to identify their importance for Russia and the world at large. The curriculum of the programme is designed to be multidisciplinary, and it is closely linked with the world-class research conducted at the Aleksanteri Institute and its international network. Aleksanteri Institute is Europe’s largest research institute dedicated to the Russian, Eastern European, and Eurasian Studies. It is comprised of an active, international community that hosts a Visiting Fellow Programme, the annual Aleksanteri Conference and other research seminars and workshops, and also accommodates warm, friendly, social gatherings.

Having a strong basis in the humanities and social sciences, our courses focus on global themes such as security and power; environment and climate; inequality and resilience; culture and identity, with specific focus on Russia enabling you to understand global challenges that Russia faces, and Russia’s responses to them. Your teachers will be scholars from the Aleksanteri Institute and other units of University of Helsinki. They have solid teaching experience and broad research credentials, and use innovative pedagogic approaches to area studies aiming at developing your critical thinking and analytical skills in a global environment.