I am a historian with a strong focus on economic modernisation in the Soviet Union and Russia, especially the economic history of the Cold War and the transfer of technology between East and West during the Cold War. Currently, I’m focusing on economic modernisation, the innovative economy and digitalisation in Russia. As a director of the international MA programme in Russian Studies, I am in charge of the planning and realisation of the programme. I also teach in Russian Studies and other study programmes at the University of Helsinki. I hold the title of Docent in General History. Since April 2018 I've taken on the responsibilities of Vice-Director at the Aleksanteri Institute. When not working, I spend time outdoors – trekking, cycling, and skiing. When not active in sports, I ride a motorcycle.

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Aleksanteri Institute: Room 231
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I am a scholar of the study of religion with a special focus on Islam in Russia, contemporary Slavic Paganism, the governance of religion in Russia, religion and nationalism in Russia, and Central-Asian migrant workers in Russia. I hold the title of Docent in the study of religion.

I defended my doctoral dissertation on contemporary Slavic Paganism in Russia, Rodnoverie. In my post-doctoral studies, I am focusing on the representations of Islam in Russia, Islamophobia, and Muslim minorities in St. Petersburg and Moscow. I am also participating in the Migration, Shadow Economy and Parallel Legal Orders in Russia project, in which we have conducted fieldwork among Central-Asian migrant workers in Moscow. I have published on religion and politics as well as the links between nationalism and religion in Russia.  

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My work as Professor of Russian Politics focuses on issues such as political regime dynamics, political institutions, governance and policy-making, elections, political parties and political protests, and sub-national politics in Russia. During 2012-2017, I served as the Finland Distinguished Professor at the Aleksanteri Institute and was a cluster leader in the Centre of Excellence “Choices of Russian Modernisation”, funded by the Academy of Finland. I taught at the European University in St. Petersburg as Professor of Political Science and specialized on Russian politics in theoretical and comparative perspective. I also have expertise in the fields of authoritarianism, electoral and party politics, contentious politics, and regional and local government.

I am an author and/or editor of more than 20 books, and more than 150 research articles, published in English, Russian, Finnish, and other languages. My current research concentrates on the political and institutional foundations of the quality of governance and policy conduct in Russia and post-Soviet Eurasia.

My teaching duties include classes on the international MA Programme in Russian Studies as  well as other special courses and programmes coordinated by the Aleksanteri Institute. I am also a co-director of FRRESH (Finnish-Russian Network for Russian and Eurasian Studies in Social Science and Humanities) and YRUSH (Young Russian Scholars Helsinki Visiting Fellowship programme), both projects funded by the Kone Foundation.

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I am a political scientist whose work focuses on the connections between organizations, security, law, and societal change. Currently, I am the Discipline Coordinator in Russian and Eurasian Studies in the Faculty of Arts and lead the project Migration, Shadow Economy and Parallel Legal Orders in Russia. With my colleagues, I am examining the effects of Central Asian job-related migration on Russia's societal change. In addition to academic research projects, I have carried out several commissioned projects for offices of the Finnish Government. In my free time I enjoy walking in the forest, socializing with fellow dog owners, and watching political documentaries and a broad range of movies.

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I’m a historian (originally a church historian) and University Lecturer of Russian and East European Studies at the Department of Cultures, University of Helsinki. I have published several monographs and articles on my research field, Russian/Soviet history. As a lecturer, I have also been in a position to get acquainted with the international community of historians. In my current position at the Department of Cultures, Area and Cultural Studies, the dilemmas of Russian history and culture are integral to both our basic and advanced curriculum. Annually approximately 200 students yearly take exams on these topics, which I have been supervising for more than 13 years.

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Department of Cultures

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My research focuses on Russian-speaking migrations, diasporic communities, Russian-language oral and written communication  globally, multiple identities, language maintenance, language shift and language attrition. I study and teach about the situations of language in different regions of Russia, the history and typology of language education, and minority rights. In addition, topics such as Russianness vs. Finnishness, and the modernization of language and education in Russia, are also close to my research interests. My hobbies are children’s culture, plays and games, and interactional art.

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Department of languages

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Educated at the University of Helsinki and Columbia University (USA), I specialize in culture, literature, and humanities in Russian area studies. I have designed and taught courses on a wide range of topics including questions of identity and subjectivity, cultural history, Russian theory, travel writing, empire and space. My current projects focus on the history of ideas (civilizational discourse), popular geopolitics (Eurasia), and cultural politics (civil society and the rise of cultural nationalism). I am the co-director of FRRESH (Finnish-Russian Network for Russian and Eurasian Studies) and a member of the steering committee of the Master's Programme in Russian Studies. Furthermore, I am the chair of the Finnish Association for Slavists.

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As a geographer, I am interested in how natural resources are governed, and who decides how the geographical space is used in Russia. From 2018, I have worked as Associate Professor of Russian Environmental Studies, focusing on issues such as environmental policy, resource policy, regional and environmental planning, and democracy and power. Between 2011 and 2017, I worked as Professor in Russian Energy Policy, and energy and climate-related themes continue to figure in my current work. I’m currently in charge of several research projects, which you can view from the blog page of my research group.

My teaching duties include lectures on the international MA programme in Russian Studies as well as other special courses and programmes coordinated by the Aleksanteri Institute. I’m also actively involved in societal interaction, taking part in discussions in the media and at public events as well as providing expertise for public officials and the government in Finland and beyond. 

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