Courses in Particle Physics and Cosmology

Compulsory courses (35 cr)
PAP301 Seminar in Particle Physics and Astrophysical Sciences (5 cr) (including individual study plan)
PAP350 Master's thesis (30 cr)
PAP399 Maturity test (0 cr)

Compulsory core package (5-10 cr)
PAP332 Introduction to Particle Physics I (5 cr)
PAP326 Cosmology II (5 cr)
PAP325 Introduction to Particle physics II (5 cr) (choose also this one, if you choose PAP332)

Optional course packages (45-80 cr)

1. Quantum physics
FYS2019 Quantum statistics (5 cr) (if not included in the BSc degree)
TCM302 Quantum mechanics IIa (5 cr)
TCM303 Quantum mechanics IIb (5 cr)
TCM304 Mathematical methods of physics IIIa (5 cr)
TCM305 Mathematical methods of phyiscs IIIb (5 cr)

2. Instrumentation of particle physics
PAP338 Gaseous radiation detectors and scintillators (5 cr)
PAP339 Semiconductor radiation detectors (5 cr)
PAP340 Physics of semiconductor devices (5 cr)
PAP328 Laboratory course on instrumentation (5 cr)

3. Experimental methods in particle physics
PAP327 Particle physics phenomenology (5 cr)
PAP329 Particle physics experiments (5 cr)
PAP331 Computing methods in high energy physics (5 cr)
PAP334 Statistical methods (5 cr)
MATR323 Basics of Monte Carlo simulations (5 cr)
+ courses from particle physics package (5-15 cr)

4. Particle physics
PAP325 Introduction to Particle physics II (5 cr)
TCM311 Quantum field theory I (10 cr)
TCM312 Quantum field theory II (10 cr)
+ courses from exp. methods in particle physics package (5-10 cr)

5. Cosmology
PAP326 Cosmology II (5 cr)
PAP335 General relativity (10 cr)
TCM311 Quantum field theory I (10 cr)
TCM312 Quantum field theory II (10 cr)
+ courses from astrophysical sciences study track (5-20 cr)

6. Specialization courses
PAP336 Higgs physics (5 cr)
PAP337 Supersymmetry (5 cr)

Other studies in study branch (0-5 cr) (BSc study level courses)
FYS2081 Cosmology I, 5 cr (compulsory for MSc degree if specializing in Cosmology and not included in BSc studies)

Other studies (0-30 ects)

Other studies can include study modules or individual courses from other programmes as agreed in personal study plan. Also practical training and language studies can be included.