Courses in Astrophysical Sciences

Compulsory courses (35 cr)
PAP301 Seminar in Particle Physics and Astrophysical Sciences (5 cr) (including individual study plan)
PAP350 Master's thesis (30 cr)
PAP399 Maturity test (0 cr)

Compulsory core package (15 cr)
PAP302 Open problems in modern astrophysics (5 cr)
PAP303 Statistical Inverse Methods (5 cr)
PAP304 Plasma Physics (5 cr)

Optional course packages (40-70 cr)

1. Observational astronomy course package
PAP306 Advanced Course in Observational Astronomy I (5 cr)
PAP307 Advanced Course in Observational Astronomy II (5 cr)
PAP308 Special Course in Observational Astronomy (5 cr)
PAP309 Interstellar Matter (5 cr)
PAP310 Radio astronomy (5 cr)
PAP311 Small Bodies in the Solar System (5 cr)
PAP312 Time Series Analysis in Astronomy (5 cr)
PAP313 Variable Stars (5 cr)

2. Theoretical astronomy course package
PAP314 Electromagnetic scattering and absorption (5 cr)
PAP315 Electromagnetic Scattering I (5 cr)
PAP316 Electromagnetic Scattering II (5 cr)
MATR322 Scientific Computing III (10 cr)
PAP317 Advanced Dynamics in Astronomy (5 cr)
PAP318 Galaxy formation and evolution (5 cr)
PAP319 High Energy Astrophysics (5 cr)
PAP320 Radiative Transfer (5 cr)

3. Space physics course package
PAP305 Space Applications of Plasma Physics (5 cr)
PAP321 Solar Physics (5 cr)
PAP323 Advanced Space Plasma Physics (10 cr)
MATR322 Scientific Computing III (10 cr)
PAP324 Numerical space physics (5 cr)
MATR323 Basics of Monte Carlo simulations (5 cr)

Other studies (0-30 cr)
Other studies can include study modules or individual courses from other programmes as agreed in personal study plan. Also practical training and language studies can be included.